Journal entry by Gigi Lynch

Needless to say, Mel is very happy to be home and we are very happy as well. He’s getting around just fine. We gave him the day off from all his therapies but we’ll be working with him over the next few days until he starts ‘for real’ again next Monday. 

He actually said he wished he could have spent another two weeks in the inpatient therapy at Providence because he saw so much improvement and the people there were wonderful. We’ve got our fingers crossed that he will be able to get into see Dr. Harvey at the Shirley Ryan Abilities Lab in Chicago. They have been very helpful and encouraging. Dr. Harvey literally co-authored the book on stroke rehabilitation and has all the latest therapies there, so fingers crossed and prayers going up that we can make that happen. 

Looks like we’ll be heading to Georgia in conjunction with that ‘hoped for’ appointment in Chicago and we’ll let everyone know when we’ll be leaving. We want to be sure to get down there before we have to worry about the ice up here. 

Love you all!!
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