Lisa Currie|Oct 8, 2018
So glad Mel is coming home soon. It will be better for him here however he is such a social creature I’m sure he will soon welcome visitors. Yes will absolutely continue the prayer support for the many needs as we know God has big shoulders. Love to all and please take care of yourself (your back especially).
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Lisa Konoplisky|Oct 7, 2018
Gigi and Mel,

I'm so glad Mel that you had a good day. I know you are a hard work. Don't forget how important recovery is! You're playing the long game! It sounds like Jean is glad to be home, and I'm glad that that the hand doctor is a good one. That's super important, especially for a body part as complex as a hand. And of course I will keep your daughter-in-law Becky in my prayers. And I'm glad that Todd is now there to help her. You guys have SO much on your plate right now. Don't forget to breathe and just appreciate each other amidst all this craziness. Love, Lisa
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Julia Cossman|Oct 7, 2018
Sounds like much is happening on multiple fronts, Gigi. I'm here if you need me through October 23 (travel to CA/NZ and returning Nov. 20). Don't hesitate to call! Give Mel hugs from us and know he is constantly in our thoughts and hopes for full recovery. Thanks so much again for keeping us all posted and congrats to you ALL for his progress!!!
Julia and Paul
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