Journal entry by Gigi Lynch

Well, Mel had a good day here for about five hours watching football. He still has a ways to go to learn how to slow down a bit—you all know what a hard charger he is—but we believe that tenacity will get him to where he wants to be. His speech is really improving so we’re hoping that very soon he’ll be wanting to see friends or be able to talk on the phone.  

He’s coming home on Wednesday and will start outpatient rehab soon afterwards. 

Jean, bless her heart, insisted that she felt strong enough to go home so we spent the evening with her at her house. She did great! I’m surrounded by tenacious people! She just texted me this morning and had a good night sleeping in her own bed. It looks like she’s going to need surgery on her wrist and the doctor thought it would probably happen within the next week or so depending on the surgeon’s schedule. He’s supposed to be the best hand doctor up here. 

Please keep our daughter-in-law, Becky, in your prayers. She started chemo a week ago for breast cancer and she got dehydrated two days ago and is in the hospital but her levels are getting back to normal and she hopes to be home in a few day. Todd got home safe and sound and I’m thankful that he’s there now to help her. 

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I know I keep saying that but it’s because they mean so much to us. We couldn’t get through this without friends and family. In the coming weeks, I promise if we need help, I’ll let you know and I appreciate all the offers!! 
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