julie roberts|Oct 2, 2018
Hi Mel and Gigi, we are praying for a speedy recovery! our thoughts are with you. wish we were there to give you a hug.
xoxo, Julie
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Kathleen Shreiber|Oct 2, 2018
Hi Mel.
My heart sank when I heard this new but I know you are strong. I will be sending my thoughts, prayers and pies :). Take care my friend. If you or Gigi need anything at all please reach out.
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Angie Marie|Oct 1, 2018
Hi Mel! I am so sorry we have this in common but I know (and am proof) that your mind does heal-it just takes time,practice and rest. I know some fun word games we can play when you are up to it.😊 Be kind to your self and rest when you need to. Lots of love and talk to you soon.
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Sheri Buretta|Oct 1, 2018
Hi Mel...I’m sending you positive energy, healing thoughts and much love. I need you to get better and when you are all ready I have some fun projects that only you can do my friend. Stay strong....the body has a miraculous way of mending. Be patient with yourself. Talk to you soon...Sheri
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