Eric’s Story

Site created on November 9, 2019

Eric, known to us as Armael or Mello, is 24 years old and has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called sarcoma. One day he was a normal man living an independent life and the next day this strange growth appeared. Go to the first journal entry to see how his journey begins.

Anyone who comes in contact with Mello would describe him in one of two ways "chill" or "laid back". He is a deep thinker, very thoughtful and conscious of the things he says and does. He loves to write raps and he's performed under the stage name of Mellodramatic along with his long time friend D-Tray at Hattrix in Kenosha amongst other places. He has some recordings on SoundCloud under his stage name so check it out if you get a chance.

Eric works at Planet Fitness (currently on leave) in Kenosha. In his free time when he's not writing or performing, he likes to read, spend time with family and friends, box and work out. He loves food! Fried chicken and chocolate cake are his favorite. He's interested in watching basketball games, MMA/UFC and boxing. His favorite football team is the Chicago Bears and basketball if he has to choose is da' Bulls. Read his journal and come back often for updates. ♥️

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tricia McKelvy

I come on here from time to time to get an update about Eric as if I'm not the one who writes the journal entries. I'm hoping maybe I made a mistake and he's still with us. But everytime I open it up it's still the same old message.

I know very well what was said when Eric was diagnosed. I also know that sometimes people are wrong. We hoped and prayed and had at the very minimum, the required faith of a mustard seed. We knew he was having ups and downs but with our faith and the fact that miracles happen all the time we knew one could happen for him. It was hard for him to endure but his faith kept him going. If it's one thing I can say about faith, it's that it makes the road less traveled a little easier to navigate. Had we kept the mindset that this cancer would cause him to perish, he wouldn't have held on as long as he did. He wouldn't have been as kind and humble as he was and he wouldn't have made an impact on as many lives as he did in that short period of time. We were on borrowed time but I thank God for the loan. ♥️
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