Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Today’s visit started positive and then took a turn to negative. Swelling in my leg that was initially thought to be fluid in my leg was not. Instead after waiting all day for my scan results since the imaging system decided to go down we were met with bad news. Multiple cancerous lymph-nodes on both sides of my pelvis. Immediately tears came to my eyes as I began to realize what he was saying to me. We had somewhat prepared for this but we were hoping to be wrong. Due to the aggressiveness  and my pelvis looking like Swiss cheese with all the cancerous nodules they believe chemo is our best and only option as this point. The hope is beat the cancer from spreading and contain to pelvis and eventually shrink to a more manageable size but it’s a race against time and my body to keep the cancer contained. Please please friends pray for strength and healing as this will be another trying battle as Harold’s spawn have decided to declare war. The score is cancer 1- meg 1 but I’m working to push it in my favor. I might have lost
one battle but I will win the war ❤️
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