Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Happy weekend friends and family. Still wishing all this rain would turn to snow but I am loving this warm temps and sunshine!

Traveled to Duke with “the team” aka mom and joe yesterday to do my 3 week check in and was met with no good news and no bad news. Pretty much my levels have increased but flatlined so long story short I went from 5.4 to 6.1 and holding steady thanks to the Xeloda which is working against the cancer to block it. Downside since I still have some sort of infection and fevers going on with my body so I was unable to get my chemo infusion this week. Big thanks to all the sick venture out into the world hacking up lungs and sneezing 😡 

Next step is head back February 7th for hopefully an infusion of good ol Oxilaplatin yay! Not. So not looking forward to neuropathy again and if it gets too bad, I have to stop and go to iranitican or however you spell it which makes my hair fall out. Stupid cancer. 

March 28th friends mark your calendars we are doing the colon cancer walk in Charlotte and would love for any and all to come walk with us. I am walking to celebrate my brief survivor status and to cheer on other survivors and warriors. Go to to find out more info and if you choose to walk you can find us under the team name ”Strollin’ for a colon”. Cost is $31 per walker or you can choose to purchase a Blue Mile sign which you can have a message written and it will be displayed along to route for us to see. 

As always remember to checkout the blog (link located two posts ago) and keep those prayers and well wishes coming. I’m ready to be survivor status again! 


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