Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

If you’ve ever seen the movie Michael with John Travolta you will know the scene I am referring too. If not, you need to watch it. Pretty much John Travolta goes head on with a bull after exclaim loudly with his arm raised “Battle!” 

I have met my bull. The cancer has returned and invaded my lymph nodes in my pelvis. Stupid cancer cells just won’t give up.

I chose not to update about having a scan today and my previous scan on the November 23rd simply because I wanted to have some time to keep believing I was cancer free.

We scanned on November 23rd and the CT showed evidence of something invading the lymph nodes but the oncologist couldn’t say for sure if it was cancer or inflammation. 

We returned today and did a PET scan and the oncologist is 90% certain it is indeed cancer. Although there is a small chance it is inflammation, the radioactive liquid is present in my lymph nodes which indicates cancer cells.

Moving forward with a new plan of attack we are starting Xeloda in pill form and will do an infusion every 3 weeks of another type of chemo. It has not formed into a tumor and it has not spread to any other areas of the body which is the silver lining. They are very confident we can nip this in the bud since we caught it early. 

Not the news one wants to hear right before Christmas but it could have been much worse. I am going to fight once more and kick the pesky cells to the curb! As always thank you for the prayers, texts, cards and hugs I receive. 

Me and Joe wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ❤️🎄 see you in 2020!

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