Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Happy thanksgiving friends family and followers!!!!

Thanksgiving did not go as I planned but before it all went to hell I got some delicious turkey and sides.

Got myself admitted into Duke again due to a partial bowel obstruction late Thursday night and it was the worst visit yet. 

After a nice case of nausea in the car and being poked 3x since no one could find a vein and a CT scan they finally ruled I had a partial bowl blockage in my small intestine and the decision was made to have an NG tube placed. 

Lets just say that didn’t go well either. In my defensive I asked for a sedative lol! Lots of flailing and trying to rip it out as Joe and the nurse are trying to hold me down. After finally getting it in they then determined it wasn’t in far enough so repeat process. Then after a second X-ray they said it was too far in and had to pull it out a bit. After having two round of Ativan to help calm me due to me hyperventilating, which it didn’t, and multiple rounds of dry heaving and gagging my doctor came in an hour later and so he thankfully pulled it out as it was determined there was nothing in my stomach to suction out. So basically all that suffering and torment was for nothing. Finally had a nice big bowel movement Friday afternoon but stomach pain is still somewhat strong so can’t be released til I have another one. Fingers crossed it’s soon though or else a jail break might occur lol!

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