Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

When I first read this blog my dear friend Vinnie wrote I think I cried a million tears. As I looked at the pictures and read the words it hit me like a ton of bricks, I really have lived a great life so far and I’m not ready to give up yet!

If you have Facebook check out his page @vc2art and learn about the raffle he is doing to help alongside my gofundme and if you’re in the Charlotte area check out his monthly paint classes held at Salud on NoDa! Truly a talented guy and one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.


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Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

I’m so bad at updating I apologize everyone!

Nothing really new, well spent the morning in the ER for a UTI but got some antibiotics so should clear it right out. 

Which is is ironic because that’s how this all got started...went in got UTI and got antibiotics which lead to stomach issues 🤦🏽‍♀️ 

Week hasn’t been so bad slightly less moody although I was “banished” to my room yesterday to take a nap because I was moody 😂

White cell count was up and gained 2 lbs which is a plus today when they ran blood works and vitals so fingers crossed for next week, I don’t have to stay 4 days in Raleigh and get a shot.


Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Finally the return of spring dresses and pollen,  one good and the other I despise lol

Well second round of chemo was yesterday, and thankfully didn’t have to spend all day at the cancer center!

Bad news is I’m now high risk on infection thanks to my body and I’m continuing to lose weight (another 5 lbs to be exact) and so we’ve reduced me to 2 chemo drugs this time in hope my appetite will return and in 2 weeks I will have gained 6 lbs instead of lost more weight and will go back to 3 drugs. Little disheartening but I really have to do my part which is easier said then done because thanks to chemo my appetite literally stops for 3 days and I lose any tastes buds I had 👎🏽🤬 

Good news however is the counselor who works with people my age 15-35 years met with me yesterday and is hoping to find a peer connection close by so I can finally talk to someone whose actually my age and dealing with this. It’s just a little hard to relate to a 65 year old battling this, no offense. My heart breaks for all those people when I see them as most of the time they are alone with no one but a nurse. I couldn’t imagine doing this without my mom or joe.

Also met with Ms.Stephanie yesterday and finally learned how to properly take care of my little squishy stoma! Finding Nemo come to mind when I say my little squishy 😂😂  No one told me I had 2 parts 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Poor guys had it rough these first three weeks but hopefully now we have got it under control!

Little setback on this journey this week but I have to buckle down (as my dad would say) and do my part! And finally since I have made it 3 weeks post op I can start to introduce old foods again! Which should appease my ever so hungry tummy.

So happy first day of spring everyone! Bring on the new foods and the daily doses of Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec and Allegra! 

And may the odds be ever in your favor 😂😉


Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Attention all Charlotte friends!

On March 26th NoDa Brewery is donating $1 for every beer sold to help me fight Harold!

Starting at 4pm when they open to the time they close $1 will go to the beat Harold fund that will help pay for chemo, medical bills and any other cancer expenses!

Mark your calendars now and go enjoy a beer! Check out my Facebook for more details.

Huge thank you to Chad Henderson, Kaila Lindsey and all other who have made the event happen! I am truly humbled and blessed to have such wonderful friends and community around me!


Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Been a bit inactive lately I apologize!

i would just like to take a minute to thank my mother for literally dropping everything and taking care of me. 

She is a saint. She has never once complained since this journey began. Every morning she greets me with a smile and asks for my breakfast order and makes my bed and takes care of my needs before she starts her day. Even when I’m grumpy or am upset on my bad days she keeps a smile on her face and says “ 6 months baby girl, 6 months and it will be all behind you.” 

Had some wonderful visits today from neighbors and received some more care packages thank you! 

Excited to enjoy my weekend before we head back to Duke Tuesday for second round of chemo.


Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Yesterday was a good day. Meghan had a visit from her friend Jared. She was able to feel her almost normal self for a short time, not the new normal that she is unfortunately being introduced to in the cancer club. Cinnamon rolls and raspberry filled donuts brightened her day, with conversation from her best friend. The day tired her out, but so worth the time!

Today was not as comfortable. Harold screamed and hammered, while post chemo malaise racked her little body. Thank you for the family visits from the day and for the prayers offered here at home with us and from wherever you are now.
We're counting down the treatment time as the hoped for end to this evil disease; six months of treatment out of 30 years of Meghan's life. Six months is a small sliver of time in 30 years of living. Help us count down these treatment days to bring restored health. Please pray with us for healing health, strength, comfort and peace. 
And as always, still damning that tumor. Harold, you demon!!! Be gone! 😠🤬

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Mom gave her version of yesterday. Now I’ll give mine lol.

First things first. Harold’s a little bitch excuse my language. He’s now entered my cervix in less than one week so we are upping my dosage to 3 aggressive chemo drugs. This does decrease my chances to 50/50 but I’ve got to fight. We have found out that this type cancer is genetic and I was doomed the day I was born unfortunately. But once we get the specific genetic test back we will know much more.

Woke up at 6:30 and started out bright and early for what was supposed to be a 7 hour day. 

Labs were a breeze bright and early at 7:30 and rolling along once I convinced the nurse my tiny ass veins needed a butterfly needle. 

Took the shuttle over to the hospital and checked in for port surgery. Which for the life of me idk why they didn’t put in last week when I was under. That plus a small doctor check in took way longer than expected so missed my 11:30 check in time for chemo 🤦🏽‍♀️  

Finally at 3pm (which I was supposed to be leaving the hospital) I was happily content and settled into my treatment room armed with apples juice gold fish and a 6 inch cold cut trio! Unfortunately the 2 drugs took 3.5 hours to push and had to stop do to an allergic reaction and wait 20 minutes to begin again. Then at 7:30 my take home chemo arrived and we got instructions and a very unfashionable carrying pouch to hold my little ball of chemo. 

8:45 and 14 hours later my head finally hit the pillow and woke up bright and early to hit the road home for Asheville! Visitors are welcomed so please reach out!


Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Day began at 6:00 and we're still here in Duke Oncology waiting for Meghan's first cancer chemotherapy. It's 2:30. Ugh...
Our news was not great news today. The cancer is deemed very aggressive and there will be another chemo drug added to the regimen. That makes three drugs, for 4 months, every other Tuesday. We are confident with the tumor team here at Duke and we are ready to fight! Please join our fight to eradicate Harold! 

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Someone please invent a time machine and a strong anti nausea pill for smells 🤢 

Made it to moms finally but yesterday towards the end was brutal. Part of me wanted to cry scream and be angry while the other half wanted to just go to sleep.

Since this was my first major surgery no one told me the after effects or how sore I would be once everything wore off. Also thanks to my lovely body anything stronger than Tylenol I expell right back up. Fabulous. 

Day 2 out of 150..... suddenly the road seems to have gotten much longer.

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Thank you to everyone for checking in with phone calls messages or dropping by for a visit! 

If you have any photos you’d like to share please feel free to send to my phone or email and I’ll upload them here. 

In times like this it helps to remember the good times and laughter created by friends.
Meghan’s Story

Site created on February 23, 2019

My beautiful daughter is 30 years old and she has colorectal cancer. She loves life, her family, her boyfriend, her job! She works out, pays her taxes, is kind to animals, and works very hard just as she was taught. These were some of the words that she tearfully said to me when she realized that she was indeed very ill and she was coming to the realization that she might possibly have cancer. What do you say to this wonderful lady that you so lovingly reared to love God and believe in what is good and right? Everything is not alright. Our world has gone very wrong!
This Caringbridge site will be penned by Meghan and me, her mama, Debbie. Our journey in the story of this horrid nightmare is just beginning. 
On February 15, 2019 Meghan was scheduled for a colonoscopy. This procedure was finally happening after about six weeks since the consultation with a GI. Being 30 years old, I'm not really sure that her symptoms were taken seriously by this specialist. The laborious pain grew and mounted within her, but she so hopefully and bravely yearned for this procedure to end the waiting and the pain with an answer that might give a glimmer of hope that everything would be okay after this grueling task was completed. Instead, the colonoscopy was aborted quickly as a tumor was blocking the scope's entry just beyond the rectum. She was met by medical staff with concerned faces relaying news that her brain processed, but that her heart could not fathom. Four days later, the words were spoken, CANCER. And she voiced the words, 'I'm 30 and I have cancer.' 
We are ready for the fight. That tumor has been dubbed 'Harold' and he is NOT welcome. Be gone, Harold!!!!