Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

If you’ve ever seen the movie Michael with John Travolta you will know the scene I am referring too. If not, you need to watch it. Pretty much John Travolta goes head on with a bull after exclaim loudly with his arm raised “Battle!” 

I have met my bull. The cancer has returned and invaded my lymph nodes in my pelvis. Stupid cancer cells just won’t give up.

I chose not to update about having a scan today and my previous scan on the November 23rd simply because I wanted to have some time to keep believing I was cancer free.

We scanned on November 23rd and the CT showed evidence of something invading the lymph nodes but the oncologist couldn’t say for sure if it was cancer or inflammation. 

We returned today and did a PET scan and the oncologist is 90% certain it is indeed cancer. Although there is a small chance it is inflammation, the radioactive liquid is present in my lymph nodes which indicates cancer cells.

Moving forward with a new plan of attack we are starting Xeloda in pill form and will do an infusion every 3 weeks of another type of chemo. It has not formed into a tumor and it has not spread to any other areas of the body which is the silver lining. They are very confident we can nip this in the bud since we caught it early. 

Not the news one wants to hear right before Christmas but it could have been much worse. I am going to fight once more and kick the pesky cells to the curb! As always thank you for the prayers, texts, cards and hugs I receive. 

Me and Joe wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ❤️🎄 see you in 2020!

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Happy thanksgiving friends family and followers!!!!

Thanksgiving did not go as I planned but before it all went to hell I got some delicious turkey and sides.

Got myself admitted into Duke again due to a partial bowel obstruction late Thursday night and it was the worst visit yet. 

After a nice case of nausea in the car and being poked 3x since no one could find a vein and a CT scan they finally ruled I had a partial bowl blockage in my small intestine and the decision was made to have an NG tube placed. 

Lets just say that didn’t go well either. In my defensive I asked for a sedative lol! Lots of flailing and trying to rip it out as Joe and the nurse are trying to hold me down. After finally getting it in they then determined it wasn’t in far enough so repeat process. Then after a second X-ray they said it was too far in and had to pull it out a bit. After having two round of Ativan to help calm me due to me hyperventilating, which it didn’t, and multiple rounds of dry heaving and gagging my doctor came in an hour later and so he thankfully pulled it out as it was determined there was nothing in my stomach to suction out. So basically all that suffering and torment was for nothing. Finally had a nice big bowel movement Friday afternoon but stomach pain is still somewhat strong so can’t be released til I have another one. Fingers crossed it’s soon though or else a jail break might occur lol!

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Today we traveled to Duke to what I thought was going to be a routine post op. 

So I wasn’t mentally prepared for the news we would hear from my oncologist. Unfortunately pathology reports have indicated I am at high risk for my cancer to come back due to the aggressiveness of the type. Dammit.

I will get scanned every 3 months for the first year and if my scans come back clean for a year we can start to breathe a bit. As my oncologist said “only I can tell you if you have cancer, do not listen to anyone else or the internet and do not worry let that be my job.” Much easier said than done. But after many tears and then laughs thanks to Schitt’s Creek (thank you Diane for introducing me to this amazing show) I am coming to terms with the news.

Good news is that they pulled the jp drain out today hallelujah and I can finally sit normal  🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽  

For now I’m going to focus on staying positive and stress free (as best I can) , I’m not sure what the next weeks or months will bring but I will keep fighting to keep the disease out of my body. As always I love the cards and texts and continued prayers as this journey is apparently not finished as I has hoped.

Death to Harold do not come back ❤️❤️

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Seriously thought I’d be done updating after my surgery lol! Fall is definitely upon us, these cool mornings and fall like feels are much needed after the heat wave in the city this summer. Fall is also my favorite season 🍁🍂🍁

Recovery has been a very slow process and have relocated back go Arden at moms house, which also means I am
unable to go back go work like super human Meghan thought she could. Hey a girl can dream lol! Infection is slowly getting better but every day is a fight. I thought the cancer would be the hardest part. Boy was I wrong. This recovery has really kicked my ass. Still running a low grade fever every day and able to take small walks but get tired easily. Back to eating very small amounts as the inflammation is unbearable some days but moms cooking is delicious compared to hospital food! 

I am proud to say I have been cancer free for 3 weeks now ❤️ Thank you for continued prayers of healing and strength during this unforeseen hospitalization and recovery!

Cards and Donations can also be sent to 95 Fox Creek Drive Fletcher NC 28732

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Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

So after being warrior woman and powering through these past two weeks like my doctor told me to do (yeah not happy with her) because “oh stomach pain? It’s just gas”, I landed myself a 4 day hospital stay.

Waking up Friday night I knew something was wrong, fluid was pouring out of me. By the time Joe got me from my aunts house in Hickory to Duke I was crippled over in pain.

My fever went from 98.4 to 102.8 in less than an hour and I was immediately placed on fluids and a low dose morphine drip which turned into heavier narcotics eventually. After 2 IVs being placed (pure torture), CT scan and a pelvic exam, seeing surgeons and more doctors, they ruled I had a very serious post op infection in my pelvis but would not need to be opened back up. However I underwent a small surgery and had a catheter placed in my cheek to drain the liquid. 

The scariest part was in the ER when all of a sudden I couldn’t breath, writhing in pain screaming and crying. I’ve never seen joe move so fast to find a nurse or doctor. Nurses came scrambling in as my heart rate jumped and they pushed Dilauded into my IV and my body immediately went limp. After that I slept for a good hour. Joe says I snored but I beg to differ, and awoke in the hospital room.

Saturday night was long as I was woken up every hour to have vitals checked and got hooked up to a portal heart monitor since my heart rate wouldn’t drop below 115 even spiking to 130 at times.

Sunday Monday and Tuesday brought more pain meds, 2 more rounds of antibiotics and my old friend MiraLAX. CT scans had also revealed I was very backed up and so they pushed laxatives like candy and by Wednesday I was released and spent the night in a real bed 😍 even got some bbq and chocolate chip banana bread! Huge shoutout to Diane for that.

Unfortunately still do not have a definite answer as to why my ostomy is causing me pain but they think it’s due to infection. I’ll go back in 2 weeks to see if infection has cleared and pain has resolved so fingers crossed I can get back on the road to recovery!

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

So this will be my last post. Which is bittersweet I must say. I will be blogging but no more posts on here as I am on the road to recovery.

After two short days in a normal room I was allowed to make a break for it. Had to make sure my ostomy was flowing and pain was under control. Which after all the laxatives and milk of magnesia, I am no longer stopped up let’s say. We arrived home Saturday afternoon, to my room which was filled with so many flowers everywhere I looked. So pretty. The ride home was rather uneventful, and slept most of the day Sunday. Pain has been more from trapped gas than anything. Lots of walking and gas X. But on the road to recovery is happening quickly. Hardest part is having to repack my old incision site ugh I can’t stand gaping wounds especially in my own body lol. 

This journey has been anything but easy. I’ve been pushed harder than I ever though I could be pushed but I made it out the other side. Thank you for continued prayers, for reading all of my updates and going on the 217 day long journey with me. I am so touched by the love I have around me and to now what a support team I have. I did it, I won. 

As my favorite movie (which in some ways is what this journey has felt like) and actor says “This is Apollo 13, signing off.” ❤️❤️❤️

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Finally got into a room about 8pm last night and had another good nights rest. Catheter is getting pulled soon as well as epidural. Only using Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain which is another big check mark. Biggest goal today is more output in the bag. So hopefully will be busting out tomorrow! Blood pressure is finally back to its normal range which is also a good thing. Still feeling chipper but very tired still.

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Tuesday night we left for Durham and that’s when the tears and panic really started in but joe did his best to calm me down. I guess because the last time I left the huntersville house I was terrified I wasn’t going to come back.

5:30 came early Wednesday and by 7 I was check into pre op and by 10:15 I was under the knife. Radiation was necessary and was also given a temporary colostomy and they took down my ileostomy aka little squish.

Happy juice really works lol last thing I remember is saying goodbye to Sara and Joe and being wheeling into a room where the administered the epidural. 

Woke up in the surgical care unit just in time to say goodnight to my brother who has showed up while I was out. Over night my blood pressure kept dropping so I was monitored heavily but now it’s finally back to 92/47. Just like last time people kept coming in all night and asking how I was feeling etc. Breakfast consisted of buttered toast and a bite of pears. 

The goal today is getting me into a room, catheter out and start walking. 

Thank you dear friends and family for all your support. I am truly blessed.

I did it. I beat Harold and am officially a cancer survivor!!!!!!!

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

Thank you to everyone for checking in with phone calls messages or dropping by for a visit! 

If you have any photos you’d like to share please feel free to send to my phone or email and I’ll upload them here. 

In times like this it helps to remember the good times and laughter created by friends.
Meghan’s Story

Site created on February 23, 2019

My beautiful daughter is 30 years old and she has colorectal cancer. She loves life, her family, her boyfriend, her job! She works out, pays her taxes, is kind to animals, and works very hard just as she was taught. These were some of the words that she tearfully said to me when she realized that she was indeed very ill and she was coming to the realization that she might possibly have cancer. What do you say to this wonderful lady that you so lovingly reared to love God and believe in what is good and right? Everything is not alright. Our world has gone very wrong!
This Caringbridge site will be penned by Meghan and me, her mama, Debbie. Our journey in the story of this horrid nightmare is just beginning. 
On February 15, 2019 Meghan was scheduled for a colonoscopy. This procedure was finally happening after about six weeks since the consultation with a GI. Being 30 years old, I'm not really sure that her symptoms were taken seriously by this specialist. The laborious pain grew and mounted within her, but she so hopefully and bravely yearned for this procedure to end the waiting and the pain with an answer that might give a glimmer of hope that everything would be okay after this grueling task was completed. Instead, the colonoscopy was aborted quickly as a tumor was blocking the scope's entry just beyond the rectum. She was met by medical staff with concerned faces relaying news that her brain processed, but that her heart could not fathom. Four days later, the words were spoken, CANCER. And she voiced the words, 'I'm 30 and I have cancer.' 
We are ready for the fight. That tumor has been dubbed 'Harold' and he is NOT welcome. Be gone, Harold!!!!