Honor Megan

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12 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Sandra Sanzetenea

“In honor of Megan Avery Keeping you in my prayers.”

Gifted by Christina Avery

“In honor of Megan Avery - Happy Mother's Day Nan!”

Gifted by Nancy Avery

“Merry Christmas, Don. In honor of you and Megan.”

Gifted by Victoria Avery

“Merry Christmas, Grandpa Don!”

Gifted by Christina Avery

“Almost done! We love you!”

Gifted by Nancy Avery

“In Honor of Megan Avery”

Gifted by Mr. & Mrs. David Serway

“In honor of Megan Avery”
Dorothy M. Brown

Gifted by Dorothy M. Brown

“In honor of Megan Avery and all those who love her.”

Gifted by Nancy Avery

“Way to go, Megan & Don. Keep up the good work. My love to you both! Nanny & Nau”
Christina Avery

Gifted by Christina Avery

“Megan - we love you!”