Honor Megan

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12 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Megan Avery Keeping you in my prayers.”

— Sandra Sanzetenea

“In honor of Megan Avery - Happy Mother's Day Nan!”

— Christina Avery

“Merry Christmas, Don. In honor of you and Megan.”

— Nancy Avery

“Merry Christmas, Grandpa Don!”

— Victoria Avery

“Almost done! We love you!”

— Christina Avery

“In Honor of Megan Avery”

— Nancy Avery

“In honor of Megan Avery”

— Mr. & Mrs. David Serway

“In honor of Megan Avery and all those who love her.”

— Dorothy M. Brown

“Way to go, Megan & Don. Keep up the good work. My love to you both! Nanny & Nau”

— Nancy Avery

“Megan - we love you!”

— Christina Avery