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— Anonymous

“Kate you are a fighter. It has really been a privilege to pray for you during your tough times. I love seeing those pictures of you smiling even when you are in that hospital bed. God's grace is surrounding you.You are simply quite a young lady.”

— With all my prayers and thoughts. Larry

“Praying for you, Kate, and your sweet family every single day. I admire your strength and courage; you are an incredible girl. You are loved and adored by so many people, I hope you know that! :)”

— Danielle Little

— Anonymous

“My prayers are with you Kate and your whole family.”

— Anonymous

“We have been praying for you these past several years and will continue to do so! God bless you sweet Kate!”

— Love, Aubrey (10) and Sydney (12) Engelkes

— Anonymous

“In honor of Kate, who we have come to love so very much! She is the most amazing young lady! Her strength, hope, courage and love of Jesus are contagious!”

— Love, Mashella Johnson

— Kim Greenfield

“An incredible, mother, miraculous daughter, wonderful family. Thank you for sharing such raw, intimate feelings, especially your faith in Christ. Thank you so much...I will keep you, Kate, and family in my prayers daily”

— Kathy Henry