Honor Kate

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“In honor of a beautiful little girl with so much courage and is loved by all.God bless you Kate.”

— Dale and John Hercules

“Praying for you Kate.”

— Dennis & Barbara

— Anonymous

“I just saw your story on a re-run of Dr. Phil. We will be praying for Kate and for your family. May God continue to bless you all for the good work you are doing for others.”

— Anonymous

“Thoughts and prayers to Kate and her family!”

— Nancy Robbins

“My mother died at age 52 of brain tumor was cancer. Very hard to deal with for anybody and I'm praying for Kate and Patrick”

— God Bless

— Diane Jones

“Sending you big holiday hugs on behalf of Katie Boyles”

— Anonymous

“With God nothing is impossible. Without Him we can do nothing. Prayers for your continued healing. Love you all and Merry Christmas in the name of Jesus!”

— Anonymous

“In memory of 'Miss' Elizabeth Pickens!”

— Joan, John, Judy and Jerry