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Journal entry by Kim McKaig

This has been a very unexpected week of daily visits to the oncologist as well as other doctors and scans. I got a call on Monday afternoon from my oncologist saying that my liver enzyme levels were through the roof and she requested I come in and get fluids and labs done. I had been in on the Friday before (4/2/21) for a shot and labs. My oncologist noticed the high numbers on Monday as she reviewed me bloodwork. When I came in on Monday afternoon the numbers were even higher! They had shot up another 100 points! (This explained the fatigue I had been feeling for a few weeks. On Easter Sunday I had to lie down twice as I prepared a picnic and I just cried because I felt so tired. But I kept on going anyway, not understanding why I was feeling so tired. I just thought I was worn out from the busy week before Easter as myself and my kids had had several appointments that all collided on that same week. But it was because my liver was poisoned😜!)
 My oncologist was really concerned and was worried I may have to be hospitalized if the numbers didn’t go down. That was alarming to hear. She has had me come in everyday this week for fluids and labs and I am grateful that the numbers are going down. The culprit is most likely a targeted therapy chemo drug I have been taking since late November. My doctor had me stop all medications and supplements until we get these levels back down to normal. I am actually happy about that. I think this most likely means I will be finished with some of these preventative medications now. This particular menacing medication was the one that would pass the blood brain barrier and deal with any potential cancer cells that may have made it to my brain. It is called Tukysa. Nothing has been detected in my brain or anything, it was just an extra preventative step my oncologist wanted me to take. I think this scare  is my body saying that I am good and do not need to take these drugs any longer. 😄
So, this week has been full of appointments. In addition to going into my oncologist each day, I also had a CT scan of my liver and a visit with a gastroenterologist who had more blood labs drawn to rule out any issues with my liver. They took 14 viles  of blood from me there today, and then I came to my oncologist yet again for more labs to see how the numbers look today and to get more fluids pumped into my bloodstream to flush my blood and my liver. So, that equals 17 viles of blood drawn today! 😳. Hopefully the fluids I am getting today will help my body replenish those levels without a terrible headache.  
I am planning to come back for one more visit tomorrow for labs and fluids again and then hopefully I will be able to just keep drinking water at home to continue to flush out the toxins. I have been drinking lots of water this week! 😄
I looked at the report from my CT scan, and it seems that everything looks good! And the gastroenterologist said that the liver is super resilient and I should not have any permanent damage from the toxicity. 

So all seems to be on the upswing and I think I will be ok. I am feeling better already. It’s good to know WHY you’re so tired and not at your best... and to be able to do something about it. 

God is good! I should feel like a million bucks soon! Thank you for your prayers and standing with us through all of this! ❤️


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