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Journal entry by Stephanie Tapelt

It is hard to believe it has been 3 weeks since my mother called and said "I am so sorry sweetie. I have cancer." Everything has been a whirlwind since then. There has been so much unknown that is coming together all while being dunked into chemo/radiation therapy so fast it has twisted our necks and left us all in shock. And our little family has had its fair share of shockers lately. It was a year ago that I was coming to terms  with the idea that I was carrying two babies. Two babies! And when I needed help my mom took 3 weeks to come and care for me. I complained that she didn't stay longer to help with the babies when they came but the 3 weeks we had together were precious to me. I just didn't want her to go. I guess we always just want our mommas. 

She needed to return to WI and was dead set on finding a job and getting her, Miriam and Samuel on insurance. She started working for Theda Care as an aid cleaning rooms in November and was glad to get health and dental care so the kids were covered. She begged me to come for Christmas and I was too exhausted while I struggled with PPD and feeling under water all day long. When Brandon had his heart attack in January I think all of our lives flashed before our eyes. Shortly after Mom chose to speak with her doctor about concerning symptoms she has and a mass was found during the colonoscopy. The biopsy confirmed cancer.

The cancer is a primary unknown CUP squamous cell carcinoma and imaging revealed a lymph node near the tumor is enlarged and most probably cancerous. She was recommended to chemo and radiation therapy and had a port placed in an artery for the chemo treatments. She is one week in to chemo and radiation. She feels trapped and that there are no other options. Take the treatment or you have one year to live but what else can she do. 

I have been throwing anything I can at her. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vitamins, oils, diet, immune boosters, probiotics and prebiotics and I lots of prayers. There are many people rooting for her. Her sister Melanie is visiting this week and I will be taking my entourage to WI for Easter weekend. Nothing makes her happier than her grand babies and the moments they all have together are so special. 

I started this site so that people can stay abreast to what is occurring and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask or share here. I know that she wants people to know that she is doing her best to fight and that she appreciates the prayers and positive thoughts. I also have added a GoFundMe page because there may be people who would like to help and support her and our family. I chose to do so because there are going to be substantial medical bills through this treatment and she is not able to work do to being chemo sick. She may loose her job because she is not covered under FMLA. The half hour that I got to speak with her today was wasted on a conversation about money, bills and the stress that she has because of them. Please know whatever is given is appreciated.
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