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Journal entry by debbie clark

We saw Matt's CV Surgeon today for his 2 wk post-op f/u.
Sutures were removed from 2 Chest tube sites, his Central Line site from R neck and his Left leg endoscopic incision where his saphenous vein was taken for 2 graph (bypass) sites. His sternal vertical incision has self dissolving sutures on the inside. The incision is well approximated and looks incredible. 
Hard to believe he had open heart surg w heart/lung bypass just 2 wks ago-
His sternum was wired closed and 
wires are in place for life. 
(No they will not set off the TSA metal detector)😉
His surgeon said Matt is recovering well and wants to see him in 1 year!
No driving or lifting or pulling, reaching, grabbing or pushing for another 4 wks. No walking Wrecks!
His arms need to protect his healing sternum (like a cast does for a broken extremity) and since they cannot body cast him, it's up to him.
Or wait, maybe they could.....! 
We see his Cardiologist next week.
And he will start attending Cardiac Rehab in 2 more weeks.
Impressive program only 2 miles away. Staffed by RNs, Dietician & exercise physiologists. He has an initial 1:1 assessment & they monitor his BP & vital signs. That is baseline. He has 36 classes 75 mins each. His HR & BP will be monitored before, during & after each class.
Large room with many workout machines & weights. He will also receive nutrition counseling.
Matt has been walking short distances and even walked 1 block outside yesterday in neighborhood!
Everyday he gets stronger and seems to have more endurance. Learning to eat ❤️healthy diet and snacks 😊
His sternum pillow has become an appendage & is a necessary part of recovery for every cough, sneeze or hiccup.
Matt is very motivated and has done a fantastic job "following doctors orders & limitations".
Although the neighbors are taking bets on when he starts driving🙄
{Keys are hidden in a secret place next to the salt shaker!}
Thank you for all of your prayers and kind thoughts, texts, cards, visits and calls. It means more to us than words can express. 
Family & friends help us know that we are loved & supported and I believe that is one of the factors in Matt's amazing recovery. 
We are grateful and very thankful.
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