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May 11, 2021

Matt and I met with his radiation oncologist today. The recommended treatment that was proposed is 33 treatments of radiation along with once a week chemotherapy. Looks like WVCI will be our home away from home for 6 1/2 weeks as he is to have radiation five times a week. Treatments start in two weeks which allows time for Matt to meet with his chemo oncologist, get fitted for his radiation mask and allow more time to heal from his surgery. Since Matt has dropped a good amount of weight already, he is advised to “pack on as many pounds” as he can before treatments start.  The beard will have to be gone by next week for his mask fitting appointment in order to get a precise fit for treatment.  I asked Matt last night if he is ready and his response was “I have two choices, I either whip cancer’s ass or it whips mine. The latter is not an option!” I’m putting my money on Matt 👍🏻😁

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  • Kimberly Wriggle : Cancer doesn’t stand a chance! 100% money on Matt!
  • Kyleigh Gilliam : He hasn’t lost a fight in 50 years I put money on him too😉💙
  • Eric Bork : Money on Matt for sure. Thank you for the update. I am sorry about the beard Matt.😕 Praying for you and family always. Start downing cheeseburgers brother.
  • Rob and Terri Clark : I hear that "pack on as many pounds" and raise you a spaghetti and bread din!! Ready to do anything and everything , and we love to cook!! Holding all of you close!!
  • Dwight Keen : Great American⚡️🇺🇸⚡️