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Journal entry by Melissa Henjum

Matt has been doing great at home!! Trying to SLOWLY get back into our daily grind, but when you have a 5 & 7 year old nothing is slow! Matt continues to feel great. He is still have some very small issues with multitasking....pretty much trying to talk to someone while there is another conversation in the room. He often says the wrong thing he is trying to think of. Nothing huge...and mostly unnoticeable. We went to Sioux Falls yesterday for 2 days of appointments today and tomorrow to get him his prosthetic eye. We started the day today getting his stitch out of his eye that he has had since surgery. Then we went to Midwest Eye and the Oculist(the guy that makes fake eyes) started the molding process. At the second appointment today we were talking to him and decided that we would wait until the end of August and go to the Cities and finish the process of making his prosthetic eye. He still has quite a bit of swelling and with his eye being stitched shut  for 8 weeks his eyelid muscles aren't very strong and his eye doesnt open very much on it's own. Giving it more time will only help with the swelling and muscle strength and that will lessen the amount of trips we have to make to get it tweaked to make sure it fits just right! I am amazed at Matt. He goes with the flow and is so matter of fact. Yes he now only has one eye, but he doesnt let it bother him! And it doesnt bother the girls and I in the least. We love him more than ever and are just thankful he is here with us!! God is good! 
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