Ruth Martin|Jan 5, 2020
Your faith in God and the love from your family and friends will help you get through the sad times. We will keep praying for you and your kids -- who are fortunate to have had a father and mother who love the Lord and them!
Ruth Martin (friend of Ashley, David and the Breinlings)
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Shannon Rapp|Jan 5, 2020
Jill, your transparency is a sign of strength and being strong doesn’t mean you can’t cry and be heartbroken and fearful or angry and cheated. That isn’t weakness. That’s humanness. I look forward to your blog. You have so much to offer others. But we all sure wish you didn’t have this experience to share. 😘
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Kathleen Feeney|Jan 4, 2020
Blessings to you and your entire family, Jill! We all grieve in different ways and you are way ahead of most in realizing the sources of your strength and help! Else’s Place and Gilda’s Club can also help to support the kids and you! We will continue to pray for grace and peace in abundance.
With love—
Kathleen and family
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Holly Lampen|Jan 4, 2020
Jill you share your feelings beautifully. I know Matt is watching over you and memories will bring you joy. I hold you all in my heart ❤️
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Laurie Wilson|Jan 4, 2020
Jill, you are incredible. Thank you for your continued notes and testaments of your amazing faith.
We have been praying for you, Matt and your family though this long, hard and painful journey. Our hearts aches for you and the kids. I have never missed a post from you.
Please keep writing and sharing. God is with you all,. And Matt is in Heaven,, with God, pain free, and smiling down at his devoted and loving wife and kids, whom he loves so very much.
Hang in there and know that your family is surrounded by love and prayers and admiration for how you are dealing with this incredibly difficult situation.
God loves you and so do we.
Bless you,
Laurie and Craig Wilson
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Danielle DeWitt|Jan 4, 2020
You don’t know me, but I went to grade school with the Fouch family and have been following this page throughout your family’s walk with cancer. It has been incredible to see how God has worked in your lives and through your lives for others around you. I look forward to reading your story as it continues to unfold. God has a beautiful purpose in all of this and I believe He will continue to hold your family in His arms as He reveals that purpose along the way.
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Kelly McCullen|Jan 4, 2020
Continued prayers for you & your family. He will always be in your hearts. You have wonderful children & I'm sure he is so proud of them looking after you. You will a be there for each other. Love you.❤
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Julie Thompson|Jan 4, 2020
Jill, the Thompson family continues to pray for you and your family. Your posts are so inspiring, reminding all of us to celebrate time spent with family and friends. I’m glad you are going to continue with a blog!! Praying that you feel Gods loving arms around you and that you feel Gods peace that surpasses all understanding ❤️🙏❤️
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Lisa Barry|Jan 4, 2020
Thinking about you often, praying for you and the kids, and so very thankful you know the One who carries you.
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Kathy Larson|Jan 4, 2020
Jill, your transparency through your tears is a gift. Thank you for sharing. This grief for Matt is enormous--and, God willing, as you share, the burden of its sorrow is divided. We are here to lift you and the kids UP. I'm holding you in my heart, with love and prayers!
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