Meredith Bell|Dec 31, 2019
I cannot imagine a more perfect way to celebrate Matt's life. I am so sad that I will be gone and unable to attend - but please know, as you navigate each day that you all will be loved, and lifted up in prayer always by your community that has so much love for team Fouch!
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Ruth Martin|Dec 31, 2019
We are keeping you and your family in our prayers. Matt was an excellent, caring teacher to two of our children, and a wonderful brother, brother-in-law, and uncle to our friends David, Ashley, Cooper and Sullivan. May God give you and your children an extra measure of peace, comfort, and hope now and in the future.
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Mary Follett|Dec 31, 2019
Your care posts have been an enduring testament to your family and Matt’s faith. His life was a lasting legacy of victory over fear. I am praying that God hugs you harder and longer especially now!
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Kathleen Feeney|Dec 31, 2019
Praying for grace and peace and comfort and understanding! Blessings to all of you!
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Kelly McCullen|Dec 31, 2019
My heart breaks for you & your family. I'm sorry I won't be able to be there but will definitely be praying for you all. Sounds like it will be a perfect way to celebrate Matt's life for forever love & memories. Prayers, hugs & love.❤👃
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laurie potter|Dec 31, 2019
I won't be able to make the Memorial as I'll be out of town but please know that I pray for your family's comfort and peace daily. What a fitting memorial for Matt!
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Marilyn Moyer|Dec 31, 2019
We are praying for all of you. What an awesome way to celebrate Matt’s life by have his celebration on National Championship night. We pray for peace for all of you. Love you Sue, and we will,co to ie to keep you all I prayer.
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Jim Grabow|Dec 30, 2019
I will for sure be there to celebrate!!!! You are always in our prayers Jill.
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Julie Goebel|Dec 30, 2019
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