Chris Wright|Dec 23, 2019
The Wrights continue to send prayers to Matt and the entire Fouch family!
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Peggy Schuba|Dec 21, 2019
Praying for Matt and all of you. Merry Christmas and may you all be filled with peace and love.
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Deborra Shafer|Dec 20, 2019
Team Fouch, I have called upon my Prayer Warriors to keep you in their prayers. From Michigan to Florida to Missouri to Colorado to Idaho and Washington, prayers are given every day. Faith over fear!
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Marylynn Harms|Dec 19, 2019
We know that God is in control of Matt. Through God all things can happen good and the bad.. We live on hope for Matt everyday. Prayers can do wonders we must continue them.
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Denise Mathison|Dec 18, 2019
Thank you for your update Jill. Not what we had hoped to hear about Matt, but we know that God is in control even with added procedures and change of focus of treatment. We will continue to pray that Matt has relief from the spinal pain and that as Christmas vacation is close that your family has time to spend precious time together! Love and prayers! (Numbers 6: 24-26)
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Carol Kranz|Dec 18, 2019
Please join the East Grand Rapids family on Friday Dec 20th during our Varsity basketball game to support the family with donations gift cards!
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Julie Gotch|Dec 18, 2019
I am praying for a great Christmas together. What you are going through knocks all the non-essentials off and lets you see, soak in, and appreciate clearly. I guess it's the silver lining. May God's grace continue to fill you and sustain you as you adjust to every day's new challenge.
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Ken Wasco|Dec 18, 2019
Praying for your families strength everyday!
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Laurie Preston|Dec 18, 2019 (edited)
Sending many, many heartfelt blessings for all of your family during this holiday season. May you find comfort and peace in the love, support, and prayers surrounding all of you from all of us.
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Jeananne Vanderwood|Dec 17, 2019
Prayers are with you all!
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