Journal entry by Jill Fouch

its beginning to feel, since we are lacking in the white stuff, Christmas.  I hope you are looking forward to spending the holidays with those you love.  We have had a little unexpected activity  since our last update.  Always something happening on and off the field.  Matt had a follow up appointment with our oncologist here and an appointment with the clinical trial doctor.  Our appointment with the oncologist went as anticipated but our other appointment was not what we were hoping.  It has been determined that Matt is not healthy enough for a clinical trial.  So we needed a couple days to pick ourselves up and wipe off the mud, sweat and tears.  Just as we were doing that Matt was not feeling well, besides being extremely fatigued he was short of breath.  After some “rock, paper, scissors” I won and we went into ER.  He was admitted Sunday evening and as I write this, we are waiting discharge papers.  Not many people ask for a drain inserted into their abdomen for Christmas, but Matt must have.  Maybe it was misinterpreted and he really asked for a  train.  That procedure took place today.  Hopefully we can help relieve the pressure and discomfort of fluid at home and decrease our time at doctor’s offices and procedure rooms.  We are also seeking palliative radiation to help with spinal pain.  After that we will see what supports we need to proceed with.  God had a plan when I decided to start a leave from teaching this week.  I am right where I need and want to be, by the man that makes me smile, gives me love and continues to fight for his family.  The kids are doing alright, showing their emotions in so many different ways.  If you see them talk about the weather, sports, fashion etc.  but maybe stay away from asking how they are.  This is tough for them to answer over and over as you can imagine.  I tell them it is because we are blessed to have a village that cares, but sometimes they just are having a hard time.    I am not sure I could have been as strong as they are at their ages.  Jake told me the other day how hard it is to see Dad this way.  Our focus will continue to be on spending time and energy together and making each day count.  Just like in football, every inch counts towards a victory.  We will just have to wait to see what God has in mind as a victory for Matt.  Well enough with this post, you can all get back to making Christmas Cookies, singing along with Alexa and watching Hallmark movies

Much Love,
Team Fouch

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