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October 8, 2019-MD Anderson Update

We have all had that moment in the game of life that we would love to have a do-over or maybe just have it disappear.   Yesterday was one of those moments for us. You have all been part of our game battling cancer, right beside us cheering, supporting us and praying which has given us great strength.  The news we received from MD Anderson was not in our favor this trip.  We had a penalty thrown at us and we have some major yards to regain.  Matt’s tumors have grown in size and have progressed to other locations in his body.  We are still trying to absorb this information and keep our heads held high.  We told the kids last night but we will have so many questions to answer when we get home today.  Being so far away and wishing you could all just hold onto on another is hard.  So what do our next steps look like?  Well first we will pray, asking for strength, comfort and guidance.  We also will ask for help to stay on the path that has been set for us.  It would be easy to step off that path looking for other ways to cope.  But we will continue to use our faith to see more clearly and believe in the plan.  We are bringing home a plan to start the last treatment plan we have as an option at this time.  The Beacon Trial has been in the news of late and we are hoping it will help us fight the opponent.  There are a few tackles before we can start that though.  The first is getting insurance to approve the treatment.  A couple of the meds have been used in prior cocktails  and they may deny it and say it didn’t work.  The next thing we need prayer for is that Matt hasn’t built up resistance to those meds used before.  He had some blood taken yesterday and we will know in 2-3 weeks the results of the blood test.  Then we need to pray Matt’s counts are where they should be to get his next infusion.  We also are praying that we can start the Beacon Trial within the next two weeks.  We are also going to begin the process of finding Phase 1 Clinical Trials locally (Michigan).  We will head back to MD Anderson in eight weeks to check the effectiveness of the new treatment and to consult with the Phase 1 Clinical Trial doctors there.  If insurance denies the treatment it is likely we will return to Houston sooner.  There will be some big decisions ahead of us.  There is no game plan that we can write at this point.  The only one that can lead us to victory is God.  We continue to go back to Joshua 1:9, it continues to mean so much to us.


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9



Please continue to cheer loudly, pray for strength, patience and guidance.  Please pray for our kids, it is so difficult to watch them hurt and confused.  


Love To All,

Team Fouch



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