laurie potter|Apr 20, 2019
Such wonderful news!
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Maggie McPhee|Apr 20, 2019
Fabulous news!!
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Butch Briggs|Apr 20, 2019
Wonderful ! Praise the Lord! May He continue to bless your family.
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Julie Schultze|Apr 19, 2019
Nothing better than good news! Sending all our love to the Fouches.
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Val Bernecker|Apr 19, 2019
Shrinking tumors are such a good sign!! You both looked so happy and carefree in the latest picture!! Keep up the good work and prayers and so will the whole team!! Go Team Fouch‼️
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Pam Marsh|Apr 19, 2019
Jerry called me this evening to share the news and I knew by his voice there was some good news! We all continue to pray for your family and believe if anyone can fight this it is Team Fouch! Much love to you all! Happy Easter,,
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Terri vulpetti|Apr 19, 2019
That is the best Easter news for all of us. We are so happy for you guys. Have a great Easter.
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Melissa Marsh|Apr 19, 2019
Thanks for sharing such wonderful news! Happy Easter!
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Carolyn Huffman|Apr 19, 2019
Wonderful news! So happy for you all!
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Lori Dunn|Apr 19, 2019
Praise God! Have a Happy Easter! Continued love and prayers.
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