Journal entry by Jill Fouch

I hope this week has treated you well and you have found many victories along your way.  One victory this week was having five days of school:)  We arrived back in town Friday night, our house was warm, thank you to so many of you that continue to bless us with your kindness!  Our kids survived unharmed and more importantly my brother and sister-in-law survived.  I am sure when they said they would stay with our kids, they didn't sign up for four days without heat and power.  We spent Saturday with our kids, sleeping, catching up on odds and ends and sleeping some more.  Our recruiting trip was physically low key but emotionally exhausting. 

We continue to try to be transparent with where we are emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally not only with one another but with our kids too.  By doing this our faith and trust continues to strengthen. Each time Matt has a scan and tests it causes a flood of feelings to resurface from July 18, 2018. We are reminded it is okay to be weak, scared, heartbroken and unsure during this journey.  However, since we started this journey we have grown individually, as a couple and as a family in faith and belief that God has a plan for us.  I have spoken to a few people about a change in how I communicate and display my faith.  A year ago I would not have openly talked about my/our families beliefs, faith and relationship with God because I didn't want to offend anyone. (I seek peace and have since I was young)  However, in the past seven months there have been too many messages that have caused us to be more vocal beyond our walls. Which is why I have said a few times in previous posts,  I do not believe that the things we have experienced along the way are merely coincidences.   
Wednesday we were hoping to line up and try out the new play we received from MD Anderson.  We had prepared carefully by scanning and emailing information and our treatment recommendation to Jerry to hand deliver to the oncologist's office.  We sent many messages and made calls to ensure we could execute our plan.  There are times when the "plans" do not work exactly how you hope. This was the case once we met with our doctor.  I will say during that time Matt and I thought things were falling apart, but really something greater was developing.  We left the office with some intense emotions and lacking confidence about being on the same page as our oncologist.  Leaving the office we knew it was time to take a leap and seek a change.  After having such a positive experience in Houston, it was difficult to leave feeling disheartened and questioning the game we were playing.  Matt and I weren't home for long trying to process and figure out our next move when I received a message on Facebook.  This message was from someone that knows our journey all to well.  She herself is playing a game similar to ours.  She was checking in, wondering how we did at MDA and letting us know she was thinking about us.  I messaged her back and explained the morning we had had.  She too had that experience and was able to help us walk through her next steps.  Then another text came through from someone Matt and I have known for years and we both have been blessed to have their kids.  They knew we had concerns when we saw them on Sunday and they were already helping us through the next steps, before we knew we needed help.  Then later I sent a message to someone whose family is on a journey as well.  She quickly helped us navigate the situation and bring so much comfort and peace back to us.  Some may say all three interactions were simply coincidences.  We say there are not coincidences but rather messages from our Coach to have faith.

So this week we will put on our "Team Fouch" game faces and do what we need to continue to fight for a win!  We will continue to chat FAITH over fear, be energized by all of your prayers, positive thoughts and cheers!  

Until next time,
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