Joann Kuklewski|Feb 6, 2019
Dear Matt and Jill,
Thought of you and prayed for you as we passed through Houston on the same day you arrived there. God’s blessings to you on this healing journey. Thanks for the update. 💗🙏🏻💙
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Nora Galvin|Feb 6, 2019
Positive, intense thoughts & prayers flowing across the miles to you both. MDA is an amazing healthcare facility in multiple respects - cutting edge treatments & medical staff. Matt is in excellent hands for his care!
God's Blessings!
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Cathy Buchan|Feb 5, 2019
You are important! So glad you posted as I asked Jerry about you all yesterday... May you get answers and results! Jill you are a gifted word person!! Hugs
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Denise Mathison|Feb 4, 2019
We will be praying that you get the most out of this week's "vacation" in a new warm place and that it brings hope, answers and experiences that are unforgettable but most of all a new and improved game plan!!! We are trusting in the Father who has you in His hands and walks with you. Definitely faith over fear! God bless you. Dee and Tom
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beth anne fausone|Feb 4, 2019
This is the news I was hoping to hear about your Journey to MD Anderson. They are the pro's so you are able to recruit from the finest brains God has created in the field of Oncology! Stay strong and my prayers are with you!!
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Ann Sheridan|Feb 4, 2019
Lots of love and prayers to you and Matt! Thank you so much for the update!:)

The Sheridans
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Sharon Willis|Feb 4, 2019
So happy to get your update! Love to hear the stories of all the people that God is putting in your path to encourage you and help you. We are keeping Matt and you all in our prayers. ... and we will keep them coming!
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Holly Lampen|Feb 4, 2019
My heart is with you on your “vacation”- always seeing the bright side Jill, your kiddos were Champs today ! Love you guys 💕
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Kathy Larson|Feb 4, 2019
Thank you so much for sharing the details of the first part of this journey, Jill! My prayers continue to be with you all. May the sun shine warm upon your back this week...much love!
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