Denise Mathison|Jan 17, 2019
Absolutely Faith over Fear! We join your family in trusting God in all things. Praying for you as you go to MD Anderson - amazing place! 🙏❤️
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Hollie Rademacher|Jan 13, 2019
Wonderful Analogy, Jill! Keep fighting the fight! We are continuing to pray for Matt and all of you. Hugs!
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Cathy Buchan|Jan 12, 2019
Faith over fear...

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Kathy Larson|Jan 12, 2019
Amazing analogy, Jill. It helps understand what it feels like for Matt and you (and others like you.) Our fervent prayers for you continue. xoxoxooxox
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Aunt Pat Siwek|Jan 11, 2019
Great analogy Jill! Keep up the good fight!! Love you all!
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