Kathy Larson|Jan 7, 2019
Thank you, thank you, Jill--for the details in these last weeks of your journey. Your words humble, and inspire. And cause my tears to continue to flow. !! Fervent prayers for Matt, for you and the kids continue. You are surrounded in LOVE.
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Becky Milanowski Theile|Jan 6, 2019
I thought of your family many times throughout the holiday season and so glad to hear you were able to take a trip. What great memories you made. I originally heard your story from my brother Bob Milanowski and then the pieces all came together. I taught your brother David at Holy Spirit, heard from my Uncle Hank that they were meeting with you and I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 3 years ago. I too traveled to MD Anderson when I couldn’t find a surgeon here to resect my tumor. You will not regret getting that 2nd opinion. MD Anderson is amazing, they are so far ahead of other cancer centers around. Do you know the name of your oncologist in Houston? If you ever would like to talk or have questions I would love to be an advocate and could share my story with you. You can get my cell number from Bob or Beth. Go Team Fouch!
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Joann Kuklewski|Jan 6, 2019
Thank you so much for the inspirational update.
The K’s continue to pray for Team Fouch.
Love your Christmas card and all the Florida photos.
A beautiful family indeed.
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Val Bernecker|Jan 6, 2019
Have lost touch with Matt’s Mom over the holidays. So—very glad to hear about your wonderful Fla trip. And so happy you are off to MD Anderson soon. Thinking of you guys every day and my faith is being restored by yours.
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Pat and Mary Brady|Jan 5, 2019
What a wonderful update. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card - hands down our favorite this year! Praying for all of you every day. Pat and Mary Brady
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Diane Luke|Jan 5, 2019
Amen!! It gives me goosebumps to hear how the Lord is walking ahead of you and you see the blessings He is giving along this journey. Continuing to pray! My sister lives south of Houston and MD Anderson is where I would go if I was diagnosed with cancer. I have a friend whose son has had a bad cancer diagnosis for 3 years now and is in a clinical trial there and is doing well. Many blessings on your trip there and if you get a chance go to Galveston Island. It is a quick trip from Houston. It is one of my very favorite places.
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Maggie McPhee|Jan 5, 2019
Oops, hit post by accident on last one...anyway, you all are SO inspiring and I thank you for that. You all are a blessing to all of us! Just sorry you have to be going through all this... love you all, thank you for being in our lives, you are truly a blessing to us! Sending love and hugs
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Maggie McPhee|Jan 5, 2019 (edited)
Que the kleenex! Was crying before end of first paragraph! How is it that you and yours become OUR inspiration?! We are supposed to be supporting you all snd here you are inspiring more faith
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Laurie Preston|Jan 5, 2019
Continuing prayers for all of you! My heart is with you on this challenging journey ❣️.
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Cam Streidl|Jan 5, 2019
Jill, you, Matt and your family continue to inspire us all through your strength during adversity. Love to you all. Keep fighting. Keep shining.
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