Cathy Buchan|Jan 6, 2019
I am so touched by the woman who sat next to you and had a similar illness... That she was 7 years out... Gives you a new hope.
Continue with your faith and inspiring attitudes.... Hugs.
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Joann Kuklewski|Dec 26, 2018
Enjoy your time ❣️
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Christian Trost|Dec 26, 2018
Not a stronger team out there. Love THE QUARTERBACK. Thinking about Matt and Team Fouch today, yesterday, and every day. Glad you’re someplace sunny and warm. It’s dreary, but a bit warmer today in G-rap. Outside today reminds me of the inside of a metal trash can, with the lid firmly affixed.

Much love, The Trosts
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Sharon Willis|Dec 26, 2018
Praying for you all! Merry Christmas from the Willis Family!!
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Diane Luke|Dec 26, 2018
Continuing to pray!! Good idea to get away for a while!! Hugs!
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Becki Telford|Dec 25, 2018
Praying with steadfast faith for complete physical healing! Trusting it shall be so.
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