Jane & Greg Hazle|Dec 5, 2018
We continue to hold your family up to the Lord in our prayers. Praying for peace and strength as you go forward each day.
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Shannon Rapp|Dec 5, 2018
Despite your own heartaches and set backs your posts remain focused and positive. You and the Fouch family are an inspiration. You have a BIG support system surrounding you all and I hope you can feel that love and support. Faith over Fear! 100%. Thank you for being a reminder of the gift of an ordinary day and what family and team looks like!!! I won't stop praying!
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Courtney Gabridge|Dec 5, 2018
It’s so heartfelt and incredible to continue to read your updates. You have an entire village praying for you all and sending good thoughts your way. Each day for everyone on this earth, life is precious and never to be taken for granted.. a good reminder for us all. ❤️🙏🏼
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