Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Sometimes you fall short of a first down by inches.  One way to look at this instead of “we didn’t score” is we can give the offense a much needed break and showcase our tough defense!  Well for Team Fouch, that is true after today.  
As many of you know, Matt had a biopsy last week to remove three lymph nodes in his chest.  We were very hopeful that those nodes that lit up were due to an infection.  However, the results told us today that it is cancer. Fortunately it is the same colon cancer cells found in his liver, colon and now in his chest.  We would lie if we said we weren’t somewhat heartbroken and numb.  However, like warriors do, we will get back up, and pursue our victory.  Matt will start a new line of treatment in two weeks. I have no doubt our strong defense will force a turnover!   We are thankful that there is a plan and we will choose our Faith over Fear!  The kids continue to struggle in their own unique ways.  Please keep them in your prayers. They are really trying not to make “cancer”, the “C” word as Z calls it, a daily focus.  As always we will continue to play hard, embrace changes in plays as they are needed and head towards another touchdown.  We will also let our FAITH be bigger than our fears, feel free to join us! 
Love to all!
Team Fouch
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