Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Hello Team Fouch!
I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving filled with lots of memories with those you love.  Matt had chemo last Wednesday as planned, there was no way he was going to give up a chance to score, Team Fouch 56-Cancer 0.  After he completed his infusion we headed to Hart Tree to find The "Fouch Family Tree!"  Typically we do this on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but sometimes you have to alter your plan, a valuable lesson our family has embraced since Matt's diagnosis. Since Matt has his pump disconnected around noon on Fridays and feels the "hit" of chemo, we started a new tradition!  Like in the past we headed to Hart Tree Farm, in search of the perfect tree!  Unlike previous years, no one cried, got mad or pouted about the tree we ended up selecting.  By some miracle, we all agreed on the same tree in the end, mission accomplished! In record time I might add! Perhaps the bribe of The Corner Bar played a factor in this year's tree success.
Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with Matt's family.  We had a great day focusing on being Thankful without focusing on cancer.  Everything felt normal which was an absolute gift we all needed.  
Our game has not taken many timeouts since it began in July 18, 2018.  However, we have had to stop to measure our progress towards a first down a couple times. We received Matt's CT scan results November 7, 2018 and have been busy with appointments to develop our next move since then.  Matt's tumors in his colon and liver were "stable" however, he had some lymph nodes that lit up in his chest that caused some further investigation.  Like many teams often do, we called on the necessary players, looked at the potential plays on a dry erase board (literally) and were given information about why a biopsy was our next move.  We then met with the Thoracic Surgeon to prepare for the biopsy.  So, here we are two days later, hanging out at Meijer Heart Center. The lymph nodes in question have been removed and sent to the pathologist.  Matt and I are taking a time-out at the hospital for the night, not a five star hotel, but better than the locker room.  The goal is to have his pain under control and be able to have his drainage tube removed in order to go home.  So, like we have learned to do, we will put our heads down and push through for a first down.  We will continue to put our FAITH before fear.  We will listen to our coach and follow the plan that has been set in front of us.  We will continue to fight for a victory.  Continue to send those good vibes, thoughts and endless prayers, we can feel each one.  
Love to all, Team Fouch
Psalm 56:3-In the day when I am afraid,  I will trust in You.

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

gratitude noun
grat·​i·​tude | \ˈgra-tə-ˌtüd,  -ˌtyüd\
Definition of gratitude-Merriam Webster Dictionary

the state of being grateful THANKFULNESS

expressed gratitude for their support

Today is Thanksgiving!  A day set aside to reflect and give thanks to all we have in our lives.  A day to see a bigger picture, a day to count blessings, a day "Team Fouch" is embracing this year.  This year feels somewhat different than Thanksgivings past.  Today is a true gift, a day to be grateful for the game we are playing.  You may question "Thankful for Cancer?"  Cancer isn't something to be grateful for, but that is only part of the story.  The night we found out, we didn't know what the future would hold, we never dreamed the amount of love, support and prayers that would keep up playing the game of a lifetime.  To be honest we hadn't even come close to realizing all that we had in our lives. We often asked for more, never fully showing true gratitude for all the blessings we already had in our life.  Learning that we were going to fight cancer and play an opponent so evil really opened our hearts and allowed us to see and feel what true gratitude should be.  We find that the small things we assumed would always remain the same are worthy of attention and gratitude.  We find that we are slowing down to in order to give thanks, pray and use faith to keep us in this game. We find that we share more openly our emotions and express our deepest gratitude for knowing one another's fears, hopes, love and dreams. I find that we show gratitude to our Coach leading us to victory, our team and our supporters.  This gratitude doesn't come in the form of gifts, phone calls, texts or thank you cards. (I don't even know where to begin with that)  Rather we give thanks by praying for all of you.  We hope that you will feel happiness, health and the love we feel every yard we gain towards a win.  We wish you a wonderful day of giving thanks with your family or friends.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Love To All,
Team Fouch 

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Happy Friday-
I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful flakes of snow that are falling outside.  I am sure some of our fans in warmer climates wish they could experience the beauty of the snow as it falls, sticks to the trees and reminds us that each day brings another surprise, each day we wake up brings about blessings and hope.

I have hesitated posting anything this week after our scan results.  Part of the reason is because Matt, the kids and I needed to wrap our heads around what we know, and what that means as we continue towards our victory. I guess we needed a "replay" of what we had heard. Matt and I met with our oncologist Wednesday prior to Matt's 8th treatment to discuss what the scans showed about Matt's cancer.  We were so anxious to get these results, the unknown is very freighting.  We were fortunate enough to have some great distractions Tuesday evening to get our minds away from the "what ifs!"  Tuesday was Jake's 17th birthday and to celebrate we headed to Detroit to watch our favorite hockey team and our favorite hockey player, #41.  The Wings were victorious in an overtime win!  Being at the game helped us forget our worries and enjoy Jake's birthday and simply being with each other doing something that felt normal. 
The next morning we went through the normal routine, sent the kids to school and headed down to Lemmon Holten.  Matt had his labs done and then it was time to see Dr. Santos.  We were told Matt's tumors were "stable" meaning unchanged.  This was disappointing to hear at first since we were hoping for great changes, we wanted to hear that they had shrunk.  We were then told that two lymph nodes by his lungs lit up, which caused concern and further investigation.  I have to say that this was a huge hit, loss of yards in our minds.  Our doctor can't confirm what that means or why.  He referred us to the pulmonary doctor at Lemmon Holten to get some more information.  Now, immediately we assumed the worst, that cancer had spread to another part of his body.  However, after taking a few days to absorb the information we know, we are hoping that it is an infection or another reason that does not involve the word cancer.  We are also feeling thankful that his liver and colon are "stable."  Yes, no shrinkage, but no new growths in those areas! Sometimes it takes some time or a replay of events to put things into perspective.  We have only been playing this game since July 18, 2018.  It feels like years on many days, but actually it has only been a few months.  We also know that Matt feels good!  He looks good and he is a fighter.  Cancer has nothing on this guy!  We know that we have fans and supporters all over the world and that God has a plan!  So, with this said, we are not done with this game, we will continue to fight for victory!  We might need to look at our playbook and choose some new defensive plays to use, but thank God, we are able to do that!  So, until next time I will leave you with what I am finding strength in as we learn more.

I will choose..
Faith over fear
Affection over anger
Joy over jealously
Serenity over sadness
Peace over panic
Love over loathing
Support over stress
Tranquility over turmoil
Assurance over anxiety
I will choose to trust in the plan!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Spread some love, cheer loudly and keep us in your prayers!
Love to all, Team Fouch

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Often teams have sponsors, an individual or group that supports the team and believes in the team.  Team Fouch has had and still has many sponsors that keep us going, believe in us and are there to guide us and help us succeed.  One of these many sponsors is the EGR Football Program.  This sponsor has been part of Matt's life for the past twenty two years and continued to be there this fall even when our journey was unknown. 
When we first learned of Matt's diagnosis in July, we were not sure what our "normal" would look like as we entered the time of year we loved, football season.  The one thing that gave us reassurance was that The Pioneers rallied around us, showing us they believed in us and the strength we had to start our very own game.  The football program has been part of our "family" long before we had kids, let alone a kid playing high school football.  This program has taught and continues to teach Matt and our family so many lessons. Lessons that can be used right now during our fight against cancer.  The players past and present have shown us how to get back up, play until the buzzer sounds, practice toughness both mentally and physically, lock arms together and play as a team, stand tall in the face of an opponent that is fierce and much bigger, out play the opponent by using the tools taught in practice, hold our heads up high, cry if we need to, lean on others for support, be flexible as well as work together for a single goal, victory! 

The coaches that have been there with Matt the past twenty-two years, some still coaching at EGR and some that have moved on, have taught Matt how to lead by example, except nothing but each player's best effort (including himself), plan for the opponent, how to use each player's talents to succeed, when to be a "jerk" and when to "let up", how to encourage mental and physical toughness, how to win, how to lose, how to apologize for his actions on the field and how to take high school boys and help them become young men that yearn for a common goal, victory.

The parents and fans that have been there with Matt have showed us how to support our "own" kids as well as their kids.  They have modeled how to face a loss with Grace and how to win with class.  Passed along what tradition looks like, that family is the most important part when it comes to falling short of a goal and as well as when the team celebrates a victory!

Well the season ended after a well fought game last Friday against Muskegon.  The boys, coaches, parents and fans all knew that heart would carry our Pioneer Team when put up against a team that had many players much bigger than our guys.  No one thought that our guys could hang with Muskegon, but guess what?  They did, they were a team, a group of young men that played with all their heart, play after play!  They played with class and integrity.  Yes, the score indicated that we lost by a touch town, but the way our Pioneers carried themselves and played with 100% heart and pure grit, they were victorious!  

Without this as one of Team Fouch's sponsors this fall, our fight would have been much different.  Each day Matt knew that at 3:00 pm he could head to the high school and do something he loved. Bantering with coaches, watching players grow from August 6 until October 26 was a driving force for Matt.  Since we didn't know what his treatments were going to do to him physically, taking time off school was our best option.  I can tell you that he has hated every minute of being out of the classroom.  The one thing that kept him going was the connection to football program.  So now we put coaching away, and welcome back teaching this month.  Matt will head back to the classroom and continue with treatments.  He is beyond excited!  We aren't exactly sure what will happen after this first round of treatments, but what we do know is our game is not over.  The score is 49-0 and Team Fouch is out to win.  

Please say a prayer, send a good thought or whatever you feel you can do tonight to bring peace to us.  Tomorrow Matt will have his first scan since his diagnosis.  I would lie if I said we were not extremely anxious about this scan.  The worst part is, we wait a week to find out what progress has been made.  I will update and share news as we feel comfortable understanding the results of his scan etc.

Keep cheering loudly, we want a victory against this horrible opponent.  We are a team, with a common goal and that is a VICTORY!

Love to all,
Team Fouch

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Sometimes during half time a player has to get a body part  taped up to help during the rest of the game.  Well Matt is one of those guys.  At this moment he is having his current port removed and a new one placed on the other side.  His current port had some issues so the best plan was to replace it with a new one.  At first he was kinda like “are you kidding me?!”  Now, be fore they took him back he said “Well at least now I can go hunting since they are switching sides!  Yes folks, glass half full!

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Hello Fans!
We have officially ended our first half of this game.  Last week Matt had his sixth treatment, six more to go for this round of treatment.  We met with our Oncologist and then started with Matt's infusion.  Since his rash had healed up we added the Vectribix back into the regimen.  We are prepared with the right meds, creams and know what it might look like at it's worst.  Matt was extremely happy to get that extra cancer fighting med back.  Matt's three month scan is also just around the corner.  We have it scheduled, but then will have to wait until we meet with the doctor to go over the results.  That might be the worst part, but we will use some distractions to get through our "Scanxiety."

So like any game, by the time half time comes, we are tired in so many ways.  Knowing that we need to keep our eyes on the win and that there is a bigger plan helps most of the time.  However, sometimes we struggle, feel beat down, lose a few yards and feel that our emotions have taken a big hit.  But, we remember, we are strong, prepared and looking for a victory.  We pick ourselves up, give our selves a pep talk (prayer and meditation), huddle together and get lined back up to play.
It seems that just at the right time we start hearing the cheers from our supporters again, loud and clear energizing us to make another tackle.

So during this half time we have given and listened to many pep talks.  We have looked at our goal, how we want to play this game and what the next half will look like.  Spending this time together and reflecting is precious and needed as we move forward.  I find myself looking for different ways to refresh, hydrate and enjoy this time.  On my travels this past weekend I ventured into Five and Below looking for "fidgits" for my classroom.  Like those that have been to that store before, you walk in looking for one item and leave with many more items.  One of the things I picked up was a book.  This book is a place to record answers to 2000 questions.  These questions are short, some are easy and some are hard, but  tell so much about a person.  Poor Matt, he now was the victim as I asked him fifty questions the first night.  The boys were listening and actually enjoyed both the questions and answers Matt was giving.  Zac has repeatedly asked if we can ask dad more questions, and asking ten at a time is not enough.  This will continue to be a fun way to reflect and let the kids get to know their dad in a different way.  I enjoyed the questions so much, I bought myself a copy and intend on answering the questions too.  I realized by doing this with Matt, that even though we have been with someone we love for a very long time, we do not know everything about them.  It made me realize that I want to know everything, I want my kids to know everything they can about both of us.  So this is how we will spend the rest of our half-time, and since there are 2000 questions, we will be doing this for a while.  

I challenge you all to get to know someone you love better, I mean really get to know them.  Once you find out more, treasure that information.  As we all know, life can be changed in a matter of hours.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Keep praying, cheering and sending positive thoughts. All of these acts help us pick ourselves up, prepare to carry on our fight and get closer to victory.

Love to all,

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Good Friday Eve!
Matt's 5th treatment is behind us and we have had a "Non-Chemo Week!"  I have grown to love these weeks for many reasons.  They are the days that we check our "equipment" and take some water breaks.  Checking our "equipment" usually means that we evaluate our heart, body and soul for neglect from the previous week.  "Chemo Week" can cause us to become mentally, physically and emotionally tired and weak.  Although we push through with a positive attitudes, we do have times that we weep from from exhaustion.  Matt is a true fighter, very seldom does he complain or want things to change because how of he feels.  On those rare occasions that he becomes bruised and weak, we are able to use not only medical means to help, but prayer and faith in God's plan to get him back in the game.  Okay, sometimes humor helps too.

Today is Thursday, Friday Eve!  Not only is tomorrow Friday and the Homecoming Game, but we will celebrate Matt and his birthday.  Many adults respond with "It's just another year," or "I stopped counting years ago!" (I am guilty)  Well guess what?  Team Fouch has decided we will embrace each and every year, and celebrate!  We will continue to count the blessings we have and treat each day as a gift. Since we can't go back to yesterday, and we do not know what tomorrow brings, we need to cherish today and everyone that is part of our lives!  

I just wanted to write a quick update, I must continue preparing to celebrate Matt!  Bring on the cake, balloons, steamers and the gift of time! 

Hugs to all, Jill

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

“Today I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.” –  Anonymous

We have thought a lot about how you adequately thank people that have helped you
more than words can ever express.  Thank You just doesn't seem like enough, nor will those words ever be enough.  The support we have felt from our family, friends, EGR community, colleagues, friends of friends, complete strangers and everyone in between has been humbling, amazing, heart filling and pure love and kindness.  
Last Wednesday evening, we attended a fundraiser set up by the Stadel Family and Carolina Lowcountry Kitchen in Gaslight Village.  Some of you may know, Matt and I struggle being on the other side of this journey, we much prefer to be the one trying to lift others during challenging times.  We find such joy in helping others and it has been difficult to agree to offers of ways to support us, mainly because it is out of our comfort zone.  I wasn't sure how walking in to an event that focused on supporting our family during a difficult time was going to feel.  Sara and Nick had asked us if we would be able to stop by for a bit, reluctantly we said we would.  It would have been easy to make up an excuse and hide at home.  However, with so many people sending us their love, prayers and support, we decided to lace up our cleats and head into Carolina Lowcountry Kitchen!  As we entered the restaurant my heart filled with peace, joy and comfort from all the love that was surrounding us.  I found my self walking around taking everything in, and locking the memory of what I was experiencing not only in my mind but filling also my soul.  I truly felt like we were at a "Pep Rally" and to be honest, I think we needed to hear the cheers.

I have found that we can have a positive attitude, but also feel the hits when we line up for a series of plays.  The past couple treatments, about two days before,  I find we are feeling anxious, maybe even scared of getting hit again by the giant that is across the line from us.  The positive attitude is not gone but it takes a pep talk to tell ourselves we will fight and follow our plan because our outcome is to score again.  If I feel this way and our kid's feel this way, I can only imagine how Matt truly feels.  Nausea is rough, cold sensitivity eliminates his food of choice, smoothies. Fatigue makes him mad because he is used to non-stop action. His rash from the Vectribix is not pleasant, in fact it cause him a great deal of pain.  It also messes with his mental and physical well being. He looks in the mirror and the reflection he sees is not one he likes.  However, when our family looks in the mirror with him, we continue to see a man that is a coach in many areas of life, very strong, faithful, full of love and hates to lose.  I am sure some of you would echo what we see. 
Tomorrow will Matt's 5th treatment.  I am not sure if he will get his dose of Vectribix tomorrow, it is common to take a break after a few treatments.  He will however still get his chemo and go home with his pump until Friday.  He will march into the cancer center and show cancer how it is done.  He will handle the discomfort knowing that victory is our goal.  He will use his faith to handle our fears as well as keep us on the path God has put in front of us.  He will take in what is going on around him and count his blessings for what we have been given.  He will most likely tell the nurse a joke or two, that may or may not be appropriate.  He will for sure be thinking about all the support you all have given us, as a source of strength to make our score Team Fouch 35-Cancer 0.  Thank you for sending us prayers and giving us pep talks, we will forever be grateful!

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Happy Tuesday Night!
It's been a long time,  almost a week since I last posted.  I guess I will use the excuse "No News is Good News!"  Last Wednesday was Matt's 4th Chemo infusion which means the score is now Team Fouch 28-Cancer 0!  I love the feeling of having a belief in a common goal, faith in the plan that has been created and positive attitudes. After Matt's treatment we walk out almost feeling empowered, tough and like we have made a statement against this enemy called cancer.   I love knowing that we have so many others that also embrace these feelings, and are helping to support and lift us up as we fight for our win.  

Matt's liver enzyme numbers were down again this visit! This means his liver is starting to function as it should, Amen.  His blood counts remained within the normal range, which gives the green light for his chemo.  Sometimes when we see the lab results I feel like I should grab a set of pom poms and do a cheer!  Then I remember how mortified my children would be and say a prayer of thanks instead.  Matt still has a rash from the Vectibix, but he was insistent on the next dose, I am pretty sure those that know Matt are not surprised.  Apparently Matt lives by the "No Pain, No Gain"  theory.  While we are talking about good news, something wonderful happened Wednesday night after his treatment, he slept, all night!  Now, those with babies and young children can appreciate how this can make you feel like a new person.  Matt and sleep have not gotten along after his previous treatments.  Oh how we celebrate things we once took for granted.  

The side effects seem less intense this time around, his biggest two are the rash on his face and torso and being fatigued.  We have figured out how to defend against the nausea and cold sensitivity.  I am sure we will have a plan to tackle the rash at some point soon.  The fatigue will probably remain, but Matt is learning how to relax and take naps.

We all went to the game Friday night until half time.  EAU Dance showcased the sweetest dancers and sent some "Love" for Team Fouch at the end.  We were so touched by this special surprise.  Jake was out during last week's game because of his concussion. He will be back this week against Wayland, he can hardly wait.  As I sat at the game, I was able to see what brings true enjoyment to others.  The enjoyment for some was simply going to a game on a beautiful Friday night, for others it was seeing friends and relatives they look forward to seeing at Friday night games.  Then there were the "little kids" that were so excited to watch the "big boys" play or the marching band perform.  I saw so many elementary kids that felt empowered because they had the freedom to go to the concession stand with a friend to get a special treat.  I witnessed middle school students hang with their friends without having to stay within their parent's sight.  I saw the high school students dressed according to the chosen theme, we could hear them chant and of course the paint was hard to miss.  I observed people of all ages sitting, standing and cheering together for a common cause.  I have intentionally spent the last few days "Enjoying the game of life."  I have smiled at strangers upon entering the grocery store, the bank, the gas station etc.  I have said "Hi" and followed up with "How are you doing?"  Then, I stopped and gave them my undivided attention as they answered.  I  brought this up as an example during my "Links Connect" classes. I figured I should practice what I was teaching, and pay attention to my body language and listening skills!  While on walks, I noticed the joy on children's faces that had found a butterfly, spider or a very large leaf. I gave encouraging words to the parent with a toddler in meltdown mode, I have certainly been there:)  I slowed down my pace to walk with a middle school student down the hallway that looked a bit gloomy.  I sat with some 7th grade boys in the cafeteria, they didn't scatter, they actually wanted to talk.  I gave my self a goal of giving compliments to others.  The rules were, I had to give  genuine compliments, not something superficial.  I made sure my children and husband heard the three most powerful words (in my book), "I love You!" each day, sometimes several times per day.  Matt and I have done some soul searching and praying about how we can continue to "Pay it Forward" using our time and talents to support others.  

So many people have said "How can you say you are enjoying this game?"  Well, unfortunately it takes something like a diagnosis of stage IV Colon Cancer to make us see the bigger picture. Many times it takes a life changing event to slow down, count your blessings and appreciate what you have been given.

So as we head into the second half of our week, I have one request for those that are interested.  "Enjoy Your Game!"  
Love to all, Team Fouch

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

We are three days away from scoring again!  Wednesday we will march into Lemmon Holten, meet with our oncologist, go through the routine labs and if all blood counts are good, we will carry the ball towards the goal line!  

We always joke around that if we didn’t have bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all!  In the past three weeks we have replaced our water heater, our dishwasher and had to call the plumber to unclog our drain.  Naturally we thought we were done, well until this weekend rolled around, as you will read.  Of course this type of bad luck doesn't seem to hit us the same way it might have seven weeks ago.  It is funny how your perspective changes when you receive a diagnosis such as Stage IV colon Cancer.
Some of our not so great luck followed us into the weekend.   On Friday The EGR Pioneers battled so hard but fell short of a victory according to the scoreboard.  In my mind, given the size of some of the players on Muskegon’s team, I call it a victory that everyone stayed relatively healthy.  Jake was fortunate to play and across the line from him was a 300+ LB high school "boy.".  Jake is about 175-180 LBS after a big meal.  Well, he did his job and then on a kick off took a big hit and ended up with a mild concussion.  We were so proud of him, he put his heart into each play, taking full advantage of being present on the field.  I have to admit,  I was "nervecited" all week. (Maddie's way of saying nervous and excited)  However, Like any athlete he was "present" each time they lined up, feet on the ground taking in the moment. He is doing better today and will follow the protocol for concussions before playing again.  Zac had a great game on Saturday!  They won, and it was so fun to watch 5th and 6th graders play as a team!
After Zac’s game, because there is never a dull moment, Matt and I made a quick trip to ER, per his oncologist's request.  He had some swelling and mystery bruising on his ankle.  After an ultrasound we were told no blood clot!  Maddie had a fun time this weekend attending the game Friday, she was actually somewhat interested:)  She started dance today and will begin her swim season this week.  We are finding that busy is good, it feels "normal."

I titled this post “Being Present” because this journey has been a learning opportunity for Matt and I on doing just that.  I have found myself doing this so much more than before July 18, 2018.  I am giving myself “grace” for yesterday, and trying not to think about tomorrow.  I am happy to be right here, in the moment.  I am enjoying most of the non-stop busy that life gives us, quiet moments and all that today has to offer.  I am realizing that worrying about what may happen does no good, I rarely can control "what might happen.".  What I can do is be present, and control my reactions to what comes my way.  I can control how I listen to Matt and the kids.  I can control my daily actions, reactions and my words.  When Matt and I started on this journey we decided that Cancer would not control our lives, but rather, we will control our lives and cancer happens to be part of it.  Being present surely helps this thought process. It’s amazing what can wait and what isn’t important.  I find myself letting things roll off my back, where before I would spend precious time trying to figure out how to fix or make everything okay.  By doing this I missed memories, laughter and times of joy.  We find ourselves putting our phones down, taking walks and being better listeners.  I personally have missed phone calls, forgot to return texts and or emails, been a free cycle failure and missed messages.  Not intentionally, but because I am "Being Present."  

I wish you all a wonderful week, filled with many moments of "Being Present."  Keep those cheers, prayers and good vibes coming!

Love to all, Team Fouch

Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Sometimes you prepare for that Friday night football game all week and things go exactly as planned.  Sometimes you plan for the game and the other team puts in some unexpected plays,  plays that weren’t on film and have their star players return after injury.  Well, Team Fouch needs to adjust our game plan that we thought we had figured out in our most precious game, everyday life!

After abnormal results on some blood work a month ago, again last Wednesday, again Sunday in ER, again today and then an x-ray and CT scan, Matt has been told he most likely has stage IV Colon Cancer.  This team we are facing is tough, scary and likes to win, just checking stats, outcomes etc. will tell us that.  With that being said, our team, Team Fouch will not back down, we will approach each play with love, strength, faith and by listening to God, the almighty coach.  Please say some prayers for our family as we prepare for this showdown.   This isn’t a game we wanted to play, no one wants this opponent called cancer, but now we will play tough, we will play hard and we will not quit.
So we now acknowledge what we know and that is...“It’s Game Time” and Matt Fouch is out to win!
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