Thoughts & Well Wishes

Larry Spicer | Mar 15, 2019
So deeply sorry to hear about the struggles you're going through. While I admit my own failure to make contact, I have thought of you often, and wondered what you were doing (musically). I remember so many good times playing in the band together, and I miss some of the old group. In any event, I will pray for you and you're family...I know this is a trying event for everyone, but I have little doubt that you are deeply loved and powerfully supported through prayer. By the way, a song I use to do is very relevent here, and if you're not familiar with it, please look it up...It's titled "Somebody's Praying You Through." 
Deepest Regards,
Rita Ray | Mar 12, 2019
Oh Matt, you're the guitar man!  I am praying for effective treatment for you, and I know God is sustaining you all.  Now Ellen writes for you, and I remember her as such a young, smart girl waiting for you at practice so many times.  God bless and keep all of you.
Deb Garross | Feb 22, 2019
Hi Matt, Thinking of you and your family and remembered one of the funniest things I've ever heard was said by you.  You probably don't remember this but it was when we worked as consultants for Big Lake and as usual, things were very hectic, we were all under a lot of pressure working on projects and issues.  I don't remember what the issue was but it needed attention right now and I called you looking for your insight.  In an exasperated response you advised "A Pox Be on them"  - to this day, it makes me laugh out loud.... Who would ever come up with a quote from the middle ages to respond to "the last thing to almost break the camel's back?"  It was you!

I hope you are still smiling and able to get in some laughs.  I know this journey is very hard.  You have folks thinking and praying for you and your family at all times.  Take care of yourself!!
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