Honor Mason

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“Mason, you give so many people hope. Your parents give so many MORE people hope and inspiration.”

— Kimberly Strong

“Keep working at it, Mason, step-by-step and winning. You'll be alright in the end. God bless you and support you.”

— Jim Pommier

“Go, Mason, go!! God help you in your rehab and in developing new-found talents. [:~D]”

— Anonymous

“Hoping and praying for the best in Mason's recovery and in his life.”

— Jim

— margaret northrup

“This bridging of gaps between people and recuperating injured is one of the most important to the injureds' recovery ... doesn't hurt the 'tudes of well wishers either”

— Jim Pommier

“To keep the "caringbridges" open and connecting us to that great, courageous example of Mason's and his family's...and his therapists' and his dogs'. [:~D]”

— Jim Pommier

“Hey Mason- we need to hear your tunes!! It's great you're making music..Lots of Love, R and Q”

— Rob and Quincy Northrup

“In honor of Mason Ellsworth”

— Leslie Williams

— Mr. Rory D McIlmoil