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September 3, 2020

I’m so sorry! It’s been a minute since I’ve updated and I’m really sorry!

this past week my mom has perked up a bit!  She is awake...talking...eating some, of course drinking coffee, but has taken a liking to Dt Pepsi! 

She is mostly off of her oxygen, but at times pleasantly confused or mixes things up...but doing pretty good! She is still pretty weak, not able to sit alone.  We’ve been able to catch seizures in time to stop them.

We are guardedly optimistic that she will be here a while longer but continues on Hospice.

Ill try to update more often! Days sometimes get busy and then we are pooped out?



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  • Babe Rossw : Hang in there. Keep up the good work. 💗💕💗
  • Tam Mitchell : 😊 Thank you for the update on Mary. Sounds like your family is taking wonderful care of her. Prayers continue for her. 🙏🙏👍❤️
  • Jas Mortenson : Love and Miss you, Mary!