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September 3, 2020

I’m so sorry! It’s been a minute since I’ve updated and I’m really sorry!

this past week my mom has perked up a bit!  She is awake...talking...eating some, of course drinking coffee, but has taken a liking to Dt Pepsi! 

She is mostly off of her oxygen, but at times pleasantly confused or mixes things up...but doing pretty good! She is still pretty weak, not able to sit alone.  We’ve been able to catch seizures in time to stop them.

We are guardedly optimistic that she will be here a while longer but continues on Hospice.

Ill try to update more often! Days sometimes get busy and then we are pooped out?



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August 26, 2020

Today my mom made it to my home! I feel so much better.  When she is awake she is also so happy!

i am so proud of my caylin and Kellie who are taking the night shift and any other hours they are not working! The loving care they give my mom is something that I can’t even put into words!

thank you to all of our family and friends who have reached out...we love you!

and my personal friends....thank you for being their for me...you know who you are....

Pj...You’re the best...

Our hospice team...I can’t ask for better!

i will try to be better at keeping up with this...

much love,



August 25, 2020

Sorry for the couple day delay.
i was able to see my mom yesterday, first with Kellie and then Robin relieved her. She doesn’t seem to be in pain but when she seen us, in her weak voice she said, “I love you! I miss you”. I stayed about four hour because according to Clifden we weren’t allowed to stay longer. Kellie was able to successfully get her to drink thickened root beer and eat thickened tomatoe soup. It was just nice to sit with my mom.

Today the Social Worker and nurse and chaplain just to make sure we have room and smoke detectors and that type of thing....please pray for that.
i was also able to have a nice chat with my cousin Paula and Mark and then my Aunt Joan and Aunt Nancy
Feel free to message or call any time

August 22, 2020

Well, my mom made it back to Clifden yesterday.

Leaving the StLuke’s and more so 10LM was very hard. Lots of hugs and tears. They seen us through hard times and even some goofy times..and became more like family.  All the nurses and aides that we closest with were those we had this week...they will forever be in our hearts!

We followed the ambulance back to Clifden and it was the hardest thing for me to leave my mom. I’ve never ever left her sick and certainly not like this.  She was rushed in the building and because of Covid19 I wasn’t allowed to even walk in and kiss her goodbye til I could see her. I was told she “was not close enough to death”. This brought me to the decision that I’m going to talk to Hospice and bring her to my house. She needs family during this time. Robin is figuring how to move furniture in the basement, and Don is so supportive, I can’t thank him enough. I am sure I will be looking to hire people to help me, I’m we’re hospice cannot. I am not sure if I’ll go private or agency.

Dr. Sosa her Neurologist called me after we were home because we were gone before she got to the floor.  It was a very emotional call, but I’m sure we will continue with a friendship.

i just want to thank everyone for all there support and kind words...it means the world to us.  I’m already missing my mom and the many many calls a day.


August 21, 2020

As most of our friends and family know my mom,Mary Manthei has been through a lot the past 5 1/2 years, starting with multiple strokes after a knee replacement, then starting to have seizures, a fall that caused a brain bleed and a subsequent brain surgery.  We have been so blessed with with family and friends who supported us.  The best staff on 10LM at St Lukes Hospital, the nurses sure are the best and always went the extra mile! Her neurologist Dr. Sosa was not only the best neurologist we could hope for, but she also turned into a friend.

My mom had a couple seizures last week and just isn’t bouncing back. Our hearts are broken, and after consulting with Dr Sosa and many other doctors at the hospital Don and I have made the decision to add Hospice to my moms care.  

I decided to make a new Caring Bridge to keep everyone posted how she is doing.  Feel free to let other who know my mom about this page!
also feel free to add me on Facebook!