Marilyn Fitzgerald|Nov 22, 2020
Mary, you are so brave! My heart is with you.
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Jonatha Caspian|Nov 22, 2020
Thinking about you and appreciating your narrative details and reporting style. {{{{{ <3 }}}}}
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Rebecca Olds|Nov 22, 2020
I'll repeat what Val said. I hope it helps, to give a written account - to look this in the eye, describe, quantify, label, assess - and of course a valuable work to look back at later. Gentle hugs accruing for when we see each other again.
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Val LaBore|Nov 21, 2020
I hope this is helping you talk about everything that's happening to you. I know it did me, although mine wasn't for this. Sending more love. --Val
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sean lee|Nov 21, 2020
Thanks for this one knows what you're going through and this helps me to realize and understand the things that you're dealing with. My thoughts and prayers continue with you going into the best outcome.
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