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Sep 20-26

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Merry Christmas one and all! 
Can't believe we are here ,Christmas week,busy wrapping gifts, baking treats and welcoming family.
Cheryl and David flew in from Tn. yesterday ! So good to have them back!
Brian home from school for holiday break, Julia will fly in Christmas Eve from NY.
Will miss Lori,working at the hospital doesn't grant you all holidays off, and we so enjoyed her at Thanksgiving!! 

I am feeling great, so blessed to be active with preparations for this most holy season!
Got a break from my doctor, skipping my treatment this week,a welcome change ,a gift for holiday!'Resume next normal for my every 2 week session,x 6.

I pray each and every one of you have a joyous, happy Christmas and a healthy new year!
Your prayers are giving me my life line and I appreciate them ! God is good ! 

Love you all, Mary

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