Thoughts & Well Wishes

Peg(Margaret) Snipas | Oct 5, 2019
Mary, Thinking of you each and everyday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a remarkable women whose faith is undaunted. You are a reflection of courage and strength for all. Know that you have our full support and our love and especially our prayers with you. You have given of yourself all your life. You have been a caregiver in your nursing career and throughout your daily life, volunteering to always be of help to others. You have “paid it forward” and God will bless you. You have given your family a treasure, just  being you. God bless you, Mary, my dear brother Bob and the family.
We love you, Peg & Derrick❤️🙏❤️
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Richard Thompson | Oct 7, 2019
Dear Mary,  Thinking of you & thanking you for your smiling & joyous welcome you have for all. You are a devoted wife & mother. Your kindness & your loving nature are treasures.
Missing you all through all these years. Your perseverance is amazing & you are much admired. Treasuring memories 
Love & thanks to you, Bob & the girls 
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Peg(Margaret) Snipas | Oct 16, 2019
Mary, Loved reading your latest journal, happy you are feeling good and enjoyed your time with family. I especially loved seeing all the great pics posted on your gallery. Karen & I look forward to coming to Ks next week to spend time with you, and share in your loving support. Prayers go out to you from all of us and have extended beyond throughout my school community. May God continue to bless you and we will see you soon.
God Bless! ❤️Peg & Karen