Majid Kamyab|Jan 7, 2021
I'm so saddened to read this update. I'm also even more sad that I did not reach out in the past months to Mary as I intended. Please accept my condolences and know although Mary and I were long distance coworkers she was a very special women and impactful to me. Her strength and positive attitude is unmatched. May she RIP and God bless you all.
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Charlie Markham|Dec 30, 2020
Anger first, "they" say, then grief. So here it is, "Damn it, why ?" I could go on. But my grief has also been building, no, say fear, of this day that I knew would come, but so dreaded. Now in tears I write to you Mary for the last time, knowing you will hear me.
How strange, looking back, how we stayed connected by the thin strands of Christmas cards or sparce emails, yet always knowing that our friendship was there.
Rest in Peace my friend, I will see you on the other side.
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nancy berg|Dec 28, 2020
Dear Buchbergers,
It's been a week of shock and tears, and thoughts of, "I could've sent one more thought or prayer," and memories--personally and through our Hinsey family chat. Mary stayed strong for so long, giving us all a chance to enjoy her wisdom and humor a bit longer. The Glenwood Springs Sister's trip is a fond memory for all of us sisters--enjoying every quirk and the teasing we all dished out to each other.
Mary's downturn was so sudden, and though not unexpected, completely unarming. It is never easy, and so as hard for me, I know 1000x harder for her small pride; Steve, David, Anna, and Jessie.
Steve, Mary was so fortunate to have such an intelligent, compassionate partner. You were always willing to hang out with her crazy family in Colorado, or to travel to Europe and raise amazing kids. Please know that your Hinsey family is here for you in your grief as well. We have been so blessed that you were Mary's spouse and life partner.
Jessie, you are so similar to your mom. I see this in your positivity, good energy, and strength. She was always so practical discussing what you were in to--either at school or work, but she always spoke with a subtle hint of pride that you were indeed an independent and successful woman in your own right.
David, I initially saw your mom as very protective of you and your feelings when you were small. She then turned into a strong supporter of your independence and life choices. She talked about your successes in college, playing European basketball, and completing medical school. Though she was not a prideful person, she was proud of all you had done and the person you'd become. None more, though, than your choice for a spouse!
Anna, dear Anna. She loved you like a daughter, and Mary felt your love and support as you accompanied her to her many doctor's appointments. I know she cared for you deeply and felt the pain of your struggles too. Thank you for being there for her and loving her as you did. I want to thank all the Pittman's for everything they did and the joyful times you shared together.
Through all of our grief, we have great memories that last in our hearts forever. Mary was kind, generous, and very practical in her approach to life. I see her imprint on you all and through the comments of friends, family, and colleagues her on caring bridge site. Mary is already sorely missed and my heart is heavy and broken. I will never forget all she has done for me and the good times we had these last 3 years.
Rest peacefully, my sister. Love you all.
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Mukunda Rajagopala|Dec 28, 2020
Mary was one of the sweetest persons I have ever met. At work, she would listen to you and help you in the best possible manner. Whenever we talked, I could see that she adored her family. We will miss her. God bless her soul.
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Randy Moore|Dec 24, 2020
Mary was one of the strongest individuals I have ever met. She never gave up and just pushed forward. I will never forget her smile and laughter. May she rest in Peace!!!
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Gail Shea|Dec 24, 2020
I am so sorry to hear that we have lost a wonderful friend who has a very special place in our hearts, now she is healthy walking or probably running the streets of heaven, our loss is surely heavens gain. My prayers are with the family,
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Tim Kinman|Dec 24, 2020
My heart breaks for all of you for your loss. Mary was a wonderful colleague, a very proud mother, and exceptional person. And of course a wit and humor to make us smile. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Brenda Jones|Dec 23, 2020
May God give you peace in knowing you will see your precious Mary again in heaven. Stay strong in your faith and hold on to your memories.
My love and prayers
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Kathy Bernard|Dec 23, 2020
My heart goes out to you, Jessie, David and Steve. Mary was a remarkable women, whose friendship I've cherished. She will be sorely missed by all that knew her, but I know we will see her again. May blessings come to you all, in your grief. Mary, rest in peace with our Lord.
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Patti Miller|Dec 23, 2020
Rich and I are praying for you. Mary was a sweet woman with a great day sense of humor. She loved her family so much and I know you will feel her love always. She is in the loving arms of God.
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