Marvin’s Story

Site created on December 4, 2019

Here is Marvin's journey due to his health conditions:  Thursday (Thanksgiving) evening Marv started experiencing extreme shoulder and back pain and numbness all over.He proceeded to drive himself to the Wheaton Hospital from there they transported him by Ambulance to Sanford in Fargo to have a stent placed in his heart. He proceeded to have the stent placed and was told he may have to come back to have more stents placed he was released on Saturday (Nov 30th) with limited activity. Tuesday Dec. 3rd he had a cardiac arrest, CPR was performed while waiting for ambulance arrival, was then transported to Graceville Hospital as this was the closest hospital then from there he was airlifted to Sanford in Fargo.

Newest Update

Journal entry by jennifer cardwell

For the  people reaching out and wanting to send cards for Marvins family. You can send them to the following address:
Marvin Kleindl Family
PO Box 244
Beardsley, MN 56211

Thank You!! 
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