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Journal entry by Stacey Smith

Martha has been showing signs of dementia for some years now.  The progression has not seemed to changed much in the past couple years, just some memory loss.  As of late, things have changed rapidly.  She is getting very confused and it takes a calm conversation with questions we know she the answer to, to calm her down.  We have realized that stress makes all of her symptoms worse.  She has had a couple moments where she says she cannot remember anything and does not know her husband.  She quickly recovers from those moments right now with reassurance and helpful tips.  She has been having daily headaches as well, that are causing her a lot of downtime, which she hates.  She wants so much to be active and going.  We are working daily on getting her an appointment with a Neurologist at Mayo Clinic here in Phoenix.  We are hoping that they can offer some guidance on how to be caregivers, what to fully expect and possibly offer one of the medications that can at least slow the progression of this horrible disease.  The past few days have been devastating to witness and as much as we hate to have to admit where we are right now with this, we feel it is time to share the news.  We are going to create a photo album for her with people that are most important in her life and a short paragraph explaining the relationship of each person.  I believe in almost everything.  I believe if there is a chance it can help or might work, then it is not a waste of time.  Martha (Mom) has given me so much love and appreciation in this life that she did not have to.  I married in to her family and never once have I felt like I did not belong.  She has given so much for our family and I truly appreciate her.  I am hoping that journaling this every day or every few days will not always be sad news.  Her family is so spread out and this is the best way to keep loved ones in the know of her condition.  
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