Journal entry by TJ Rees

Thursday we had a very good meeting with the Oncologist and Transplant doctors at Milwaukee’s Children’s Hospital.


Based on Elaine's biology - Chemotherapy alone will not put her Leukemia into remission.  The Only path forward for Elaine is Bone Marrow Transplant and timing is critical so the doctors want to move forward asap.


They have found 3 to 4 bone marrow matches for her and are contacting those individuals regarding being a donor & additional testing to verify they are a good match.


We are working on what this all means but here is a likely timeline.

- Next week Tuesday/Wednesday – hopefully Elaine will be discharged from Marshfield hospital

- Week of Oct 14 – bone marrow biopsy to ensure the MRD (measured residual disease)
                    measurement is 0 – meaning NO detectable Leukemia cells

                    This test result of 0 is an absolute must to proceed with the below plan

- Week of Oct 21 – 2 to 3 days in Milwaukee for testing and education/training

- Week of Oct 28 – 2 to3 days in Milwaukee for additional testing

- Week of Nov 4 – admitted into Milwaukee hospital and begin 7 to 10
                 days of intense chemo (significantly stronger than the last 2 rounds)
- Week of Nov 11 – transplant which then starts a 30 day extremely critical
                 time line to see if her biology accepts, rejects or attacks the donor

          In hospital stay at Milwaukee will be around 90 days starting Nov 11.


Thanks for all of your prayers & support

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