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Site created on August 2, 2019

Elaine came into the Clinic for blurry vision on August 1 - after seeing several doctors - we were told that she has Leukemia.  Her specific Leukemia is AML which only 500 to 700 children in the US get diagnosed with each year.   We began chemotherapy immediately.  Elaine endured 3 rounds of intense chemo.  We were referred to Milwaukee Childrens Hospital for Bone Marrow Transplant.  She received her life saving stem cell transplant Nov 15.  Since then we wait for the new stem cells to take root and create new cells.  Please Pray, post comments and support Elaine during this long journey.  Thank You. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by TJ Rees

I know many of you have been asking for an update and continue to share how you are praying for us.  We are here at the one year mark and are in AWE!  

We are in Awe of our GOD and how much He has used this journey to strengthen our faith. Humble by how He has used this platform of leukemia to show Himself to others.  God is all He says He is in the Bible.  He hears our prayers, comforts, protects, strengths, provides for our needs, is our refuge and Anchor in this storm. God is Awesome! 

We are in Awe of YOU!  We have felt your love, support, compassion, empathy, and gracousness.  We have struggled in this journey and we have fallen. God used You to help pick us up.  Not only Elaine and TJ and I, but our whole family.  You have been there.  You have listened, You have prayed.  You have tangibly helped with many projects around the house, lawn mowing, plowing snow, picking produce from the garden and trees,  the meals, the gas cards, the texts of scripture and encouragement, the care for our little ones, the Christmas...What a Christmas! the benefits, the fundraisers, the t-shirts, the anonymous gifts, the cards, and packages from all over the world. TJ's co-workers filled in the gap as TJ took months off work. We are in humbled and grateful for you and pray you are blessed beyond measure for your generosity.

We are in awe of Elaine's progress.  She continues to do well.  She has had some sickness over the last month, but bounced back very quickly. Her numbers all look great and continue to improve.  Her blood is 100% donor and she has had NO signs of graft versas host desease.  Not any, NONE!!! While her stomach still gives her fits sometimes and her stamina isn't quite where it was before Chemo and transplant, Elaine has learned to listen to her body and adjust as needed.  Most noticable is her hair has started growing.  As summer came Elaine and our family travelled a bit and have visited many of the county parks within an hour of our house. She attended her 2 favorite teen camps this summer.  She applied for a job and starts next week.  Elaine, also recieved her driver's license.  

We are in Awe of how far we have all come this past year and how God used people (YOU) to bless and sustain us.

What is ahead for Elaine's treatment?
She is on just one medication every day and another only on the weekends. We are in AWE!

She will be monitored monthly till the 1 year mark.  In November, she will repeat many of the test ran on her organs, (heart lung kidneys..). before the transplant to spot any problems that may have arose due to the intense Chemotherapy.  
After that they will continue to see Elaine in Milwaukee or Zoom calls every couple months. The longer everything is fine the longer she can spend away from the clinic.  

Her biggest heath concerns are first, the Leukemia coming back. She will be closely monitored the next 5 years for a possible relapse. After 5 years without a relapse one has a 90% chance Luekemia won't come back.  The second concern in Graft Vs Host Desease. 

Thank you for reading and posting your comments we do read them.  Rejoice with us!!!
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