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Site created on August 2, 2019

Elaine came into the Clinic for blurry vision on August 1 - after seeing several doctors - we were told that she has Leukemia.  Her specific Leukemia is AML which only 500 to 700 children in the US get diagnosed with each year.   We began chemotherapy immediately.  Elaine endured 3 rounds of intense chemo.  We were referred to Milwaukee Childrens Hospital for Bone Marrow Transplant.  She received her life saving stem cell transplant Nov 15.  Since then we wait for the new stem cells to take root and create new cells.  Please Pray, post comments and support Elaine during this long journey.  Thank You. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by TJ Rees

Eleven months.  How is that possible?  Mercy was just 6 months old when Elaine was diagnosed.  Now she is 18 months and bossing us around. Little A is finally on the adoption track. Levi can read. Ezra is trying out gymnastics. Titus is dreaming of electric guitars. Angelina is finishing her first season of volleyball.  Lily has her temps and is driving us around.  Elaine is doing wonderful.  TJ is working full time plus some at Pixelle.  I am amazed at how time just keeps flying past.  We have had some rough years, but the last year was by far the hardest.  God has taught us to trust.  However, we still take up our fears and burdens and try to handle life on our own.  We long for rest for our bodies and souls.  Pray we will continue to heal and draw close to each other as a family and to Christ as our anchor.  
   Last Thursday, we met with Elaine's doctors and had many follow up tests.  Her lungs have healed from her pneumonias and ICU visits. Her heart, liver and kidneys all look healthy. Bone density looked good too.  Sadly, her ovaries did not make it through the intense doses of chemo.  We were aware of that risk before beginning treatment.  Her ovaries are no longer functioning to make the hormones she needs.  The good news is hormone replacement has been happening for years.  She will consult with more doctors next month for that issue.  Elaine began receiving her immunizations this month, as well. Her chemo killed off all of her immune system, including her shots.  This is a very slow process...as she can not receive any combination vaccines.  
  The last 2 test came in tonight.  Elaine has NO graft vs. Host Disease.  Her T-cells are normal at 609.  The Donor's bone marrow remains at 100%.   Elaine is currently not on any medications!  

Thank you for your care and support.  May you take time to thank God for healing Elaine.  God's not finished.  May you seek Him. 
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