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On the morning of August 7th Marquette had a cardiac arrest and it took paramedics close to 30 minutes to resuscitate her, which caused a long period without Oxygen to the brain, this is called an Anoxic Brain Injury.   We've seen improvements everyday, but it's no doubt a long road of recovery.   This site will be updated with news and opportunities to support Marquette, Kris, and the family.  If you are interested in helping financially, go to

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kris Kierulff

August 7, 2019


This day cannot exist without carrying a certain kind of heaviness.  She is always in my thoughts. It’s been two years since our lives were changed.  For the last several months Marquette has been living in a brain injury rehab facility in Round Rock, TX.  They love her there and she seems to enjoy being there as well.  She’s been working very hard as they’ve been working on her focus, memory, speech and behavior.  I was allowed to see her 10 days ago for the first time in 6 months and she really wanted me to see her progress.  She was happy and I was very happy to see her.  She gets approved month to month at the beginning of each month, so we can only hope she can have as much time there as she needs.  She still struggles in many areas, but it’s evident that she is happy to be alive and thankful for friends and family that are around her and encouraging her.


That’s all I can report right now and may be the last report I post here as I have been working on other ways to process this journey.


Please keep Marquette always in your prayers, she is always in mine.  She continues to be an amazing human being and will always be a great love of my life. 

Marquette Never Stops.



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