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Sep 20-26

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Praise the Lord!  What a year 2020 has been for all of us,  but especially those suffering with chronic illnesses like Marnie. In our last update Marnie's cancer unfortunately had spread to her brain, her liver, her breast, and adrenal gland. It didn't look good. Marnie started another round of chemotherapy plus whole brain radiation. Then in late May, early June, she contracted pneumonia and was in the hospital for a week. Marnie had to be a virtual prisoner in her own home due to Covid 19 and her being so very high risk. But, we know God has plans for Marnie. A little over a year ago Marnie and I went together to meet with the oncologist and he said she had 6 weeks to live without treatment, or maybe a year at the very best with treatment. His exact words were "you may get to July 4th next year, but not much longer".Well, even doctors don't have all the answers. July 4 has come and gone, Marnie has completed this round of chemotherapy, and today the results of her MRI and CT scans show that all lesions in her brain are completely gone. The lesions in her abdomen and chest are either gone completely or reduced in size. This is tremendous news.  Some may see this as 'well she still has cancer', but to we her family who have been praying that she continue to live, this gives her a chance to live again, and to continue on, and to fight by taking treatment as necessary, and if it's God's will to be part of the5% that survives this cancer. Marnie has always said she never felt like she was dying, and as long as she didn't feel that way she was going to fight. Please keep praying with us that her will and God's will are the same and that she will be with us for a long time to come. We pray all this in Jesus name,  Amen!

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