Thoughts & Well Wishes

Karen Nichols | Aug 6, 2019
Susan Browder, so glad to see you are following this. Marnie and I certainly miss you too.  Funny how you meet the nicest people going thru cancer treatment, and you've been the nicest.  I even miss trying to do that stupid puzzle....LOL (no you did not get me hooked).  We are keeping you in our prayers as well as you continue thru your process and I think both you ladies have much more living to do!! 😍 
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Susan Browder | Aug 2, 2019
Hey Marnie, radiation is certainly not as fun without you and Karen!  So glad to hear your first week of chemo is not only over, but that it was relatively nice to you.  You have an incredible attitude and a great sense of humor that is awesome to see.  Keep fighting the good fight!  "The Puzzle Lady"  😋
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