Thoughts & Well Wishes

Mark Ogura | Feb 16, 2019

This is my life story and fighting against my health issues as a Parkinson's.

Beginning of symptoms 

In 2012, when I used tooth bruh, suddenly my arm was moving faster without control. Doctor determined that my tremor came from Parkinson’s. Later I found many Parkinson’s patients also has suffer from constipation.

Before diagnosis of Parkinson’s I also had gotten worse bowel movements for seven years. 


Joining Parkinson's Group
Later I joined Parkinson’s group meetings, and I found that TAI-CHI exercises was effective to slower to getting worth. I have been practicing it since I was 33 years old, and I still have some sort of flexible body. Doing exercises, especially Tai-chi, is very helpful.
Therfore, I need every day stretching exercises, Tai-chi  and walking for keeping healthy body, and I will do it.
Benefits of keeping healthy body is not only work for saving own money. It  probably helps our country 's health care system better.
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