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Jan 17-23

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Is it time for bed yet? I'm feeling like this day went from noon to bedtime in the blink of an eye. We are home, and we just ate the delicious dinner that was already scheduled, so that worked out REALLY well. 

They think that Mark had a Focal Motor Seizure which was caused by the glioblastoma (as opposed to the chemo or radiation). They did a CT scan which showed there was no brain bleed or crazy swelling or even significant change to the mass of the tumor, which was all good news. They gave him anti-seizure medicine through his IV, and tomorrow he'll resume taking the Keppra he was phased off of in December.

Some interesting seizure tidbits we learned today:

  • Time the seizure - we should call 9-1-1 if it lasts more than four minutes
  • We should also call 9-1-1 if he has multiple seizures in a row, or if he loses consciousness
  • VA state law specifies that you cannot drive for 6 mos. after a seizure
  • Don't put anything in the patient's mouth -- they will NOT swallow their tongue -- but you can place them on their side to keep their airway clear and prevent choking

Mark is currently falling asleep at the dinner table, so hopefully he will get a good night's sleep tonight. He bit his tongue on both sides, so the soreness is making eating his dinner a little more difficult. He also bruised his chin somehow. He never expected to be the kind of guy who would head to the ER three times in 12 weeks, but that seems to be our life now. As we ate our dinner, we made a list of items to gather for a bag to keep handy when we head out the door unexpectedly. As Mark always says, failure to plan is planning to fail!

Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. We'll try to keep it boring for a while. 😉

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